Business Skill Training

Do your business skills need polishing?  Do you need to improve your grammar or your presentation abilities?  One of Ashford Global Training's Business Skill classes may be just what you are looking for.  Browse the dates of our open enrollment classes or request a quote to have Ashford Global come teach directly to your business.

Available Courses


Advanced Business Writing

How to build documents that support strategic, departmental, or other business goals. How to determine the appropriate format and methods for specific situations and audiences.


Developing Training for Non-Training Professionals

This class includes Needs Analysis, Developing content and visuals for various learning styles, Using Visuals, and Presentation tips for classroom or remote training.


Effective Business Writing

Use of e-mail and IM in business today; analyzing your audience, and how to deliver different types of messages. Writing letters and business proposals.


Effective Presentations

How to listen effectively to facilitate information sharing. Preparing and conducting business meetings, and how to present various verbal messages effectively. Delivering presentations with visuals.


Fundamentals of Business Writing

Communication methods in business today; organizing your information; developing clear and concise writing styles for information and persuasion.


Grammar Essentials

Identifying the basic sentence structures (nouns, verbs, adverbs, phrases). Identify common mistakes and how to correct them. How to write clearly for maximum effect. How to improve word choices. How to write for your audience.

100% Satisfaction Promise

Ashford Global Training provides the following Satisfaction Promise:

If a student is not fully satisfied with the classroom experience they may re-attend an open enrollment class at no cost. See details*