What is Adobe?  What is Adobe software used for? Adobe is a collection of software products that make your life easier if you have anything to do with working on a computer.  Adobe has developed multimedia software products for the desktop publishing revolution.  Please see our classes below to choose which Adobe class and software will fit your unique needs.

Available Courses


Acrobat Professional Training: 508 Accessibility & Forms

Learn to check, adjust, and validate PDF documents to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities that meet with 508 standards.


Acrobat Professional Training: Go Green

Learn to go green with the goal of a paperless work environment with Adobe.


Adobe Creative Cloud (CC): Designer Tools Overview

Receive a detailed overview of Adobe Creative Cloud Designer Tools


Adobe Creative Cloud (CC): Web Designer Tools Overview

Take your website designing skills to the next level.


Adobe InDesign CS6 Level 1

This course helps students prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert exam for InDesign CS6. The course will teach students fundamental concepts, terminology, and the basic features of Adobe InDesign CS6.

100% Satisfaction Promise

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If a student is not fully satisfied with the classroom experience they may re-attend an open enrollment class at no cost. See details*