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Feb 14

Service Portfolio Management

February 14th, 2013 by

Service Portfolio Management is the process in the Service Strategy phase of the Service Lifecycle that describes all the services that the organization offers. This is not just an explanation of the services; moreover, it is a deduction of the usefulness and benefits of each service. This approach is a dynamic way of controlling Service Management throughout the organization, including the managing of investments and assets in the company. The overall expectation of this process is to make the management of services itself a useful asset to business operations.[...] Read More

Feb 7

Service Strategy Phase Overview

February 7th, 2013 by

The Service Strategy phase of the Service Lifecycle is at the core of the ITILĀ® framework. In this phase, IT Service Management is designed, developed and implemented as a strategic asset. In addition, a clear service strategy must be established. This includes information on what services should be offered, who should receive these services, how the services should be developed as well as operating standards between providers and clients. There are five main processes in the Service Strategy phase:[...] Read More