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Dec 26

Choosing IT Training for Businesses

December 26th, 2014 by

IT Training for BusinessesYou know your company could do with some IT training; the only problem is what kind you should invest in. Unfortunately, catch-all solutions don’t exist.[...] Read More

Dec 23

How Does ITIL® Availability Management Keep Services Running?

December 23rd, 2014 by

ITIL Availability ManagementAs a provider of IT services, you’re heavily invested in maintaining high availability. Your clients and other users won’t settle for services they can’t rely on, so it’s up to you to implement a strategy that balances your operational capabilities and budget constraints with your consumer satisfaction efforts.[...] Read More

Dec 18

Give Your Business a Leg Up with IT Consulting

December 18th, 2014 by

IT Consulting for BusinessesEven the best consulting is ineffective if it’s poorly targeted. No matter how many maverick visionaries or tech industry leaders you ask to assess your operating standards, you’ll require a focused effort to learn anything truly useful.[...] Read More

Dec 12

Define the Bounds of Your Cybersecurity Responsibilities Through IT Training

December 12th, 2014 by

Cybersecurity TrainingWhy do you train your IT staff on security threats and effective countermeasures? Like many others, you’ve probably heard horror stories, and it’s always nice to be prepared. Unfortunately, if your only training goal is to combat external factors that might compromise your data security or your client relationships, you could miss threats that originate at home. Good cybersecurity training deals with both.[...] Read More

Dec 10

Should Your Staff Have ITIL® Master Qualifications?

December 10th, 2014 by

ITIL Master CertificationOne of the main reasons you train your staff is so they can handle jobs requiring advanced skills. Unfortunately, your resources may be limited and only a few of your employees will ever attain the highest levels of certification.[...] Read More

Dec 5

Targeting Communication Skills With Business Writing Training

December 5th, 2014 by

Business Writing TrainingWhy do you demand your employees have a good command of your native tongue? Is communicating with the outside world your only motive?[...] Read More

Dec 2

Making Data Clearer with Microsoft® Office Training

December 2nd, 2014 by

Microsoft Office Excel TrainingMicrosoft® Office tools like Excel are ubiquitous in the modern business world, and as most people know, their capabilities are far ranging. What many corporate managers fail to realize, however, is that Excel and other popular applications aren’t magic bullets.[...] Read More

Nov 26

When Does ITIL® Service Transition Come Into Play?

November 26th, 2014 by

ITIL Service TransitionIT services are often dominated by their need for managed change. While such changes obviously manifest in the form of support tickets and user-requested feature upgrades, modifications also keep things running on a day-to-day basis.[...] Read More

Nov 24

Take the Local Animal Shelter Support Challenge from Ashford Global IT

November 24th, 2014 by

Animal Shelter SupportAccording to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA®, there are approximately 7.6 million homeless animals per year and only about 13,600 independent community shelters to care for them. Sadly, about 2.7 million of them are euthanized each year because they aren’t adopted.[...] Read More

Nov 20

Controlling Your Digital Resources: ITIL® Access Management Principles

November 20th, 2014 by

ITIL Access ManagementWhen your consumers entrust you with their data, they do so with certain expectations. They want to be sure that even though they’re turning over vital information, you won’t betray their trust by sharing it against their wishes or carelessly misplacing it.[...] Read More