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Why Regular Training Matters in Network Security

Technology Training ClassIt is far from an industry secret that secure networks are one of the keys to a safe, stable and secured business. It is nearly impossible to go more than a few weeks without hearing about a major business that suffered a data breach or a cyber attack, and many of those incidents could be prevented with better, more comprehensive network security.

Regular, consistent training for a range of employees and experience levels can make a tremendous difference in the security of a network as well as in the protection of data for all types of businesses.

Basic Understanding of Network Security for all Employees

One of the most common misconceptions about training for network security is that it is only necessary for those at the very top of the company. In reality, however, every employee on the payroll can and should have a basic understanding of how network security works and how they can play a role in protecting the integrity of a network.

A one day course to become a CISSP, or Certified Information Systems Security Professional, is a small investment that can ensure all participants have a working knowledge of everything from file security to passwords and wireless networks. After all, it is not just executive who are vulnerable to attack, as sometimes entry-level employees are the easiest targets for cyber criminals.

Ongoing Training Can Keep Employees Aware of New Developments

Network security, just like nearly every element and field of information technology, can change rapidly. New technology is introduced on a regular basis, and it is important that every firm can stay ahead of what is being developed and what methods are currently being used by digital criminals and hackers. For that reason, a certification shouldn’t serve as the final word for IT professionals.

Ongoing training, and updated certifications, ensure that a company is properly guarded against changing technology, new vulnerabilities and updated methods of hacking or cyber attacks.

Official Certifications Ensure Participants Absorbed the Relevant Information

When employers are choosing the right kind of training for their staff, it is vital to pick a course that offers an exam and a recognized certification upon completion. Having a certification program means that participants are far more likely to pay close attention, stay engaged throughout training and study additional materials on their own.

At the end of training, an exam verifies that participants have absorbed key pieces of information that can help protect network security for their companies. Plus, employees who receive certifications that can help them in their career are more likely to work hard in order to ensure a passing grade on the comprehensive exam at the end of training.

Advanced Training Enhances Security for Executives or IT Managers

Those who are most privy to sensitive employee, customer or business information, such as IT managers, department heads or executives, should be participating in advanced training on a regular basis.

An introductory program can be a fantastic start, but those in positions of power should build on their knowledge through increasingly in-depth training courses so that they can become experts on protecting the security of their networks and the integrity of their businesses.

At Ashford Global, there are a range of security training programs and certifications that can be incredibly effective in boosting network security and offering safety to growing IT businesses.

Call or contact us today to discuss the training you need for your employees.


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