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Why Improved Network Security is an Absolute Must

Network SecurityEveryone has at least a vague idea of how important secure networks are, but many business owners drastically underestimate the critical nature of network security training. We’ve all heard stories about firms, organizations and major government institutions that lost thousands of consumer records or exposed internal trade secrets to the world.

What these news items usually fail to talk about, however, is how much of a role poor training practices played in these incidents.

Security is Too Complex for Limited Training

Network security extends far beyond the digital world. For instance, because data access is often limited to identifiable employees, failure to keep track of personnel entry, physical perimeters and personal identification credentials all represent potential network security breaches. Similarly, the need for disaster-proof remote backups and IT services implementations that serve long-distance customers also increase the number of entry points for hackers and data leakage.

Such complexity means that your corporate network security training can’t be limited to your IT staff or managers. Everyone you employ needs to participate in some form of training, and that includes you.

CEOs and managers may not like to admit it, but many of them are unwittingly complicit in security breaches. For instance, you may use a robust password on your corporate email account, but if you forward data to your personal account in order to work from home, and your personal password is the family pet’s name, you may be opening up your entire company to attacks.

Training Must Evolve with Technology

Another huge misconception is that you don’t have to keep retraining. Hackers and corporate spies spend a great deal of their time learning new ways to make their work easier. As such, you need to treat your organizational training just like you treat your antivirus software. Update your standards and definitions regularly, and you won’t fall prey to new tricks as often.

Certification Is the Best Way to Train

Network security certifications from bodies like CompTIA┬« take care of a lot of the issues we’ve mentioned. Find CompTia training opportunities here. In addition to following some of the most secure, government-ready standards in the world, these certification bodies don’t simply allow people to float by on their past credentials. To keep their certifications, your staff members will have to keep up with continued professional training and periodically submit to skills tests.

Employee certifications are good metrics for judging your operational readiness when it comes to dealing with security issues, but so is implementing regular training. Even though some of your employees will never make it to the highest level of certification, the fact that you educate your entire workforce on network security means that your firm will be better equipped to deal with any issues that do arise.

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