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What it Takes to Become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Computer System SecurityJust a few decades in the past, the security measures taken by businesses included locks for doors and paper shredders to get rid of sensitive information. Today, with the rise of digital technology, cloud computing and wireless Internet, the way we think of security has changed. The biggest threats to a corporation might be data breaches and hacks rather than physical break-ins, and it is important that employees understand and can protect themselves against these risks.

Every employee on your payroll can benefit by becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, or CISSP, thanks to a comprehensive training program offered by Ashford Global. Learn more about what it will take for a participant to become a CISSP.

Basic Understanding of Computers

One of the biggest surprises about CISSP Training is that you don’t need to be an IT expert in order to benefit. In fact, this is truly an introductory program, and it is ideally suited to those who aren’t already trained in computer or cyber security. Participants should, however, be familiar with concepts like Wireless Internet, user names, networks, word processing and various other basics that might be discussed during the training.

Having a working background in computers will ensure that all participants can make the most of the program and qualify to become Certified Information Systems Security Professionals at the end of training.

Access to the Internet or a Live Training Session

Training seminars and courses to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional aren’t exclusively located in specific cities. In fact, companies have a wide range of options to help their employees get certified. You can opt to have a live trainer come to the office, or a training facility of your choice, to lead the course in person.

Alternatively, many businesses find it convenient to opt for online training. As long as participants have access to the Internet, they can begin earning their CISSP designation.

A Single Day

Believe it or not, training to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional won’t take weeks or months. It takes just a single day of training to become a CISSP. The key is the comprehensive but streamlined curriculum, which addresses the risks of cyber crime and leaks succinctly and then discusses how to handle the biggest and most common threats.

Participants will, in just a single business day, be better trained and aware of how to protect themselves and their companies from falling prey to cyber attacks, hacks and other online crimes.

Willingness to Learn About Potential Security Risks

Perhaps the most important thing that all participants will need in order to become Certified Information Systems Security Professionals is a willingness to learn. The curriculum for the single-day training program will begin with the risks involved with online business, intra-office communication and telecommuting, among others.

Then, it will provide solutions to common dilemmas, ensuring that participants know how to practically apply what they have learned.

For businesses, having numerous CISSP on staff means better security and fewer risks. For professionals, earning the CISSP designation is something that can boost peace of mind at home and at the office. Clearly, CISSP Training through Ashford Global is a win-win option, and it takes just a single day to complete!

Find out more about our training courses and let’s schedule the training you need most!


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