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What it Means to Have a Certified Information Systems Security Officer on Staff

Information SecurityIn business, security is key. You need to be able to protect your company’s operating information, marketing plans and employee details, but you also need to be able to offer security to those customers who give you their email addresses, personal information and billing details. While there are plenty of different ways to secure networks and data, one of the most effective options is having an employee who is trained to be a Certified Information Systems Security Officer.

Learn more about how your business can benefit from having someone with this certification working for you, and then uncover how a current employee can begin training for the certification.

Benefits of Employing a Certified ISSO

Perhaps the biggest benefit of employing someone who is a Certified Information Systems Security Officer, or ISSO, is peace of mind. Knowing that the security professional overseeing your company’s data has received the right training is invaluable.

A Certified ISSO will be familiar with all of the most recent and most effective best practices in the world of cyber security, and they will be prepared to implement core security concepts in your workplace.

In addition, a Certified ISSO knows that budget is always a factor, helping them to balance the costs of new security practices with the company’s bottom line and available resources.

What a Certified ISSO Has Studied

If you’re thinking about encouraging an existing employee to become a Certified Information Systems Security Officer, it makes sense to learn a little more about the curriculum.

The training program to become a Certified ISSO is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics, but there are certainly some areas of focus worth mentioning.

Some of the major elements of a training program to become a Certified ISSO include understanding security and risk management, using identification and authentication to control access, understanding cryptography, the architecture of security, business continuity and disaster recovery after an attack and the role of physical security for cyber information.

Prerequisites for ISSO Training

A wide range of people are eligible to pursue a training program and become a Certified Information Systems Security Officer.

However, there are some prerequisites and recommendations in place to ensure that all participants are up to speed and can understand the concepts and vocabulary used in the curriculum.

The best candidates for this program offered by Ashford Global are those with at least one year of experience in the field of information systems management. Employees with current titles like IS security officer, system managers or information managers are likely suited for this curriculum.

Training Program Formats and Logistics

The training course to become a Certified Information Systems Security Officer takes five days to complete, and it concludes with a certification exam to guarantee that participants understand and can use the information covered.

The course is offered in three formats: live virtual training, instructor-led classroom training and computer based training. Participants can check with their work schedules in order to accommodate one of these three formats for training.

To protect your business and enjoy peace of mind regarding your information systems security, having a Certified ISSO on staff can definitely be a smart move for any company.

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