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Use CISA Training to Protect Your Business

Data SecuritySome of the biggest fears modern businesses have are cyber attacks, hacking and data breaches. These digital crimes can do more than just disrupt business, after all. They can disseminate classified information, leak the financial details of customers, access sensitive documents and tarnish the brand image of your business or product.

Therefore, it is clear why businesses of every size need to do everything they can to protect themselves, their employees, their customers and their data.

While putting up defenses is smart, it also makes sense to think like a hacker. Having a security professional enroll in a course to become a Certified Information Systems Auditor, or CISA, is a fantastic way to better protect your business.

Learn What Tools Hackers Have Access To

Perhaps the most beneficial part of CISA training is learning how hackers access protected information. If the security team handling your servers, networks and systems are only versed in how to use legal, practical tools to create firewalls and protect data, they might be missing out on valuable information about what hackers are actually doing.

An integral part of becoming a Certified Information Systems Auditor is learning where and how hackers learn to hack. By seeing which tools they use to disrupt businesses and steal information, security professionals will know how to answer back.

They might adjust protection systems in order to handle new hacking trends, or they might teach other staff how to reduce their vulnerability when accessing a company network over wireless Internet outside of the office.

Test for Vulnerabilities

One of the worst things an IT security professional can do is create a protection system for a business and then cross their fingers and hope for the best.

It is vital that any system put in place is adequately tested in order to determine whether or not it is actually effective. Using the common tools preferred by hackers, a CISA will actually test the strength of a system for vulnerabilities.

Any weak areas can immediately be addressed, boosting the effectiveness of any security plan and highlighting the most likely areas for an attack. Vulnerability testing can be done at different times of day or in a series of different ways in order to pinpoint exact issues.

This variety of testing means that the stability and reliability of a security protocol is also put to the test.

Recovering From an Attack

Ideally, employing a Certified Information Systems Auditor means not falling victim to a cyber attack at all. In today’s world, however, even the most secure systems can still be broken into. For that reason, part of the CISA curriculum involves business continuity as well as disaster recovery.

A CISA can immediately spring into action following a digital attack in order to limit business disruptions and minimize both the problems and expenses that can accompany a major security breach. By knowing how and why hackers attack, CISA trained professionals will be better prepared to guide businesses through recovery.

At Ashford Global, CISA training courses are available that last five days, conclude with an exam and offer official certification for participants eager to boost the security of their business.

Let us help you set up the training you need to keep your business more secure.


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