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Use CISA® Training to Keep Up With IT Security Governance

CISA TrainingIT security is undeniably important; the services and products you create must protect their users’ information. Unfortunately, staying safe isn’t always easy. Standards and practices change with time, and your auditing strategies should too.

Practicing security governance lets you satisfy evolving industry guidelines by implementing a regimen of regular verification and operational testing. The efficacy of these methodologies, however, depends entirely on the skills of the people who apply them. IT staff with Certified Information Security Auditor™ (CISA®) training may make it easier to avoid some common pitfalls.

Why CISA Over Other Standards?

CISA course material is split into five knowledge domains known as job practice areas. Each area accounts for a specific percentage of the questions on the test, and topics include:

  1. The Process of Auditing Information Systems (14%)
  2. Governance and Management of IT (14%)
  3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation (19%)
  4. Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support (23%)
  5. Protection of Information Assets (30%)

The second domain focuses on governance and management, and this sets CISA apart from other security-oriented qualifications. Although students can apply their knowledge of specific solutions and practices as necessary, they learn to approach governance with an appreciation for broadly applicable issues, like resource investment and risk. This helps them identify potential problems, but it also ensures they can correct them in a way that doesn’t cause unacceptable business losses or service downtime.

CISA qualification training boosts deficient workforce skills by focusing on organizational IT policies, standards, processes and procedures. By demonstrating knowledge in these critical areas, trainees gain familiarity with the planning required to thoroughly audit enterprise-level risk management practices.

Prepping for the CISA Exam

The CISA test is only offered during June, September and December. This qualification has a widespread reputation for being hard to earn. Although the exam questions are presented in multiple-choice format, there are 200 of them, and students only have four hours to complete the entire test. The questions are also weighted, so you need a good understanding of all the subject areas to earn a passing 450 out of 800 possible points.

Applicants also require at least five years of professional experience or an equivalent amount of higher education. After passing, CISAs submit to 20 hours of training per year, 120 hours of training every three years and the ISACA® Code of Professional Ethics.

How Do I Get CISA-Qualified Personnel on My Corporate Team?

Most firms begin their CISA training with review courses. Even though many CISA topics will be familiar to those with work experience, reviewing a structured lesson plan can acclimate them to the way the test presents information. An effective training regimen could even improve related practices, like Service Continuity Management.

CISA classes are also great for firms that want to build more skilled workforces over time. Even if your staff trainees don’t all earn certifications, they’ll learn to audit security issues with a discerning eye, and your data-usage practices will become infinitely more secure.

Ashford Global is a leading training provider for CISA as well as other IT certification frameworks like ITIL®. Contact one of their consultant’s today to discuss implementing your customized training program.


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