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Uncover the Advantages of Certified Penetration Testing Engineer Training

https://www.ashfordglobalit.com/contact-us.htmlSome say that the best offense is defense, and the adage applies to more than just sporting events. In the world of information technology, the best way to prevent data and classified information from getting into the wrong hands is to ensure that it is securely protected. To achieve that goal, pen testing may be necessary.

Pen testing, short for penetration testing, is a way to see if security systems and firewalls are functioning as needed against the newest technology available to hackers and cyber criminals.

Learn more about the various of Certified Penetration Testing Engineer Training and how it can be beneficial for individual participants as well as corporations.

The Importance of Penetration Testing for Businesses

Penetration testing is more than just a suggestion for business security: It is a necessity. Even when security professionals have set up the best firewalls and tightened up network security, there is no true way to determine whether the system is effective until it is tested. No company should let their first test be one conducted by a cyber criminal.

Penetration testing is a way of using hacking methods to see what vulnerabilities there are for the company. Through penetration testing, it will become apparent whether there is enough security or whether talented hackers could get through to the information they most want to access.

Why Companies Should Encourage Training to Become a CPTE

If businesses know and understand the importance of penetration testing, then it makes sense to have a Certified Penetration Testing Engineer on staff. The alternative is to bring in a consultant to conduct the testing, which can get expensive after several visits, or to hope that ordinary IT professionals have the required knowledge.

Sending IT professionals to Certified Penetration Testing Engineer Training can help them to be better at their jobs, which in turn means that your company is more secure. Keep in mind that you aren’t just securing your business information, because you also need to protect the basic details of each of your employees and the billing information of your customers and clients.

Why Individuals Can Benefit from This Training

While companies can take advantage of having a Certified Penetration Testing Engineer on staff, individuals will also appreciate the relevant training and certification. Participants will become more knowledgeable and valuable assets to their employers, which could go a long way in helping them to secure promotions in the future.

This may also help them advance in their careers or move around within the IT industry as needed.

Breaking Down the Curriculum

The training to become a Certified Penetration Testing Engineer takes a full four business days to complete, and it is a course best reserved for those with at least a few years of experience in networking technologies as well as a working knowledge of TCP, or transmission control protocol.

Some of the things covered in the curriculum will include packet capturing, what kind of attacks are most common, new advances in cyber technology to be aware of, defeating attacks and identifying vulnerabilities.

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer Training, available through Ashford Global, can be instrumental in the protection of sensitive information and corporate data, making it integral to business security.

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