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Try CompTIA Security Training to Boost IT Knowledge Among Staff

Corporate People InteractingThe Computing Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA, is one of the leaders in the world of information technology. They serve as the benchmark for the industry, and they offer comprehensive examinations so that staff in businesses around the world can be properly informed on everything from computer maintenance and networking to safety and security for local area networks, or LANs.

Learn more about why CompTIA Security exams might be best and take a closer look at the top courses and get a clear picture of why security is vital in any modern business.

Advantages of CompTIA Security Training and Exams

Businesses that are ready to begin training employees in computing as well as network security might wonder why CompTIA Security training is better or more comprehensive than other courses and exams on the market.

CompTIA stands out because it offers consistency across the board. Those certified through CompTIA are guaranteed to have an understanding of the subject matter. CompTIA updates information, curriculum and exams regularly, keeping ahead of industry standards and ensuring that everyone certified has the right knowledge to stay competitive in IT.

CompTIA A+ Training

One of the most popular CompTIA courses is CompTIA A+. This five-day program is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced IT professionals, and it serves as a comprehensive approach to operating systems as well as computer hardware.

Some of the topics that will be introduced and discussed in detail include installing and building networks, diagnosing and troubleshooting network problems and maintaining networks. The curriculum will also include a focus on security for networks and how to boost the overall confidentiality of information made available through the network.

CompTIA Network+ Training

Building on the information covered in CompTIA A+ is CompTIA Network+ training and examinations. Once again, there is a focus on CompTIA Security concerns, but the curriculum also dives deeper into advanced network technologies, network connections, computing hardware and software and various protocol for both local area networks and wide area networks.

This training course, and the subsequent certification exam through CompTIA, is ideal for employees who hold a position in IT like help desk technician, software or hardware installer, network technician or network administrator.

CompTIA Security Training

Both the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ training programs and exams offer security information for participants, but CompTIA Security Training will provide the most detailed knowledge for those eager to learn more about protecting their businesses. Ideally, participants in a CompTIA Security program will have already completed the two courses details above.

The curriculum for this program will include topics like protecting the security of a company network, encrypting information, common security issues related to cloud computing and recovering information after a breach or hack. If increased security is a concern for a company, then it is worth investing in targeted security training that can boost the safety, privacy and data of a business, its customers and its employees.

Through Ashford Global, you can offer CompTIA Security Training to employees, which will prepare them to take a comprehensive exam and better protect your business in the future.

Contact us today to discuss scheduling the training you need.

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