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Training to Become a Certified Penetration Testing Consultant

Data SecurityOne of the best ways to ensure the security of a large network infrastructure is to conduct penetration testing, or pen testing for short. Penetration testing allows any vulnerabilities to come to light, and it is particularly useful for telecommunications or IT service providers. That’s because these large companies are responsible not just for the safety of their own business information and that of their employees, they are also charged with protecting the communication and data of their clients.

A training program that guides participants toward the recognized title of Certified Penetration Testing Consultant is a smart move, and businesses who invest in the education of their employees can enjoy greater security as a result.

Course Duration

Although becoming a Certified Penetration Testing Consultant requires a lot of background knowledge and likely years of experience, the training course itself is just four days long. Conducted in English, the course is offered both at the company’s location for your convenience or online for greater flexibility among participants.

Course Prerequisites

Becoming a Certified Penetration Testing Consultant is best for those who already work in IT or network security and hold titles such as cyber security managers, ethical hackers, auditing consultants or IT administrators.

Anyone interested in participating in the course and earning this certification should also have a minimum of four years of networking technologies experience, a thorough knowledge of computer hardware and an understanding of TCP, or transmission control protocol.

Without meeting these basic prerequisites, participants won’t be able to make the most of the training program and may not pass the two-hour exam, which is made up of 100 multiple choice questions.

Business Benefits of the Training Program

Business managers and owners should take a closer look at the advantages of having a Certified Penetration Testing Consultant on staff. This employee will be better equipped to use the newest technology and methodology to conduct penetration testing for your company.

In addition to overseeing the testing for vulnerabilities, Certified Penetration Testing Consultants will be educated on how to respond to vulnerabilities they find, how to assess the results of a test and how to instruct others on the best way to look for vulnerabilities on smaller penetration tests in the future.

In short, investing in a security training program for current IT staff members can cost a small amount initially and pay back in a big way thanks to greater security and peace of mind about the protection of customer data.

What to Expect in the Course’s Curriculum

Over the four days of training, participants can expect to cover virtually everything connected to penetration testing. The program starts with an introduction to PTC, and then dives into the study of packet capturing.

Participants will also learn about the FBI and CIA risk assessments associated with Layer2 attacks, how Layer3 attacks are based on CISCO infrastructures, the relationship between pivoting and relays, IPv6 attacks, VPN attacks, and defeating SSL.

By learning about the many different types of attacks possible, participants will be better equipped to test the protective measures established to prevent them.

Through Ashford Global, IT professionals can enroll in this comprehensive training program and walk away four days later as Certified Penetration Testing Consultants.

Learn more about this important training for your data protection.


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