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Training Employees for IT Security Jobs

Technology TrainingIn years past, companies were able to allocate all of the IT security jobs to a single person or department. The remaining staff weren’t responsible for keeping data, employee records or client information secure. Taking that approach today, however, can be detrimental to the long-term success of a company.

In a world where employees telecommute, check work emails over a public wireless network at a coffee shop and communicate via text, it is more important than ever than every individual on the payroll understands specific IT security jobs and tasks that can keep their company protected.

Ashford Global offers a number of training courses and certification options that help all staff understand and then implement IT security in the workplace.

Understanding the Need for Security

Perhaps the most important way to begin training staff for more IT security jobs is to ensure they are aware of the need for security. All too often, employees think that IT security isn’t a true risk, and they may skip over time-consuming security jobs if they are deemed as unnecessary.

Through a one-day training program to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, participating staff members will gain an appreciation for the need to secure data, protect proprietary information and guard against attacks or breaches.

Security Awareness

While every employee should understand the basics of how to keep themselves, their work and their passwords safe, those in leadership or managerial roles should also have a broader understanding of security awareness. This can be obtained through a five-day training program that covers topics like effective security management, how to design an information security system and how to track its effectiveness.

A greater understanding of IT security is necessary for those in managerial positions for two important reasons. First, those with managerial roles are more likely to have access to sensitive data or employee records, all of which need to be protected. Second, managers can share what they learn with their employees, ensuring that all staff members are working together to prevent and avoid cyber attacks, leaks and more.

Systems Auditing

Setting up a great security system for your IT needs is only one step in the path toward better protection. To ensure that it is working well at all levels and at all times, it is important to undergo vulnerability testing at regular intervals.

If you want an existing employee to begin taking the reins for this particular task, then consider enrolling them in a course to become a Certified Information Systems Auditor. Through training, participants will gain access to the tools needed to test the effectiveness of a security system and gain insight into how hackers operate.

Disaster Recovery

No businesses like to think about disasters happening, but it is still integral that you have a disaster recovery plan in place. By training employees about what they need to do in an IT security emergency, as well as who they need to report to, you can go a long way in minimizing the negative impact of the disaster and reducing the problems for customers.

At Ashford Global, you can select from a range of security training programs designed to help employees at every level embrace the responsibility of new IT security jobs. Call us today and let’s schedule the training you need.


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