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Top Skills Needed for IT Security Jobs

IT EngineersIf your business offers IT security jobs and needs to find candidates to fill them, you have several options available to you. First, you can recruit outside candidates with the right skill set for your available positions. Second, you can train existing personnel so that they are prepared to take over any given role.

Because of the high cost of staff turnover and recruitment, it often makes fiscal sense to train existing employees rather than hiring new ones.

That way, you can ensure that IT security jobs are being filled by candidates with the exact skill sets required.

Discover some of the most common skills needed among employees with IT security jobs as well as what security training courses are best suited to each skill set.

Auditing Systems

One of the most important skills required by anyone planning to undertake a job in IT security is the ability to audit existing systems in order to identify problems. An employee who only needs to learn the basics about guarding against cyber attacks might only need to enroll in a one-day CISSP course to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

An employee who needs a higher certification in order to better spot vulnerabilities in a system could be better suited to a course to become a Certified Information Systems Auditor, or CISA.

Teaching Employee Security Awareness

IT security professionals also often need to be able to teach other employees how to ensure that data is being kept securely. In addition to testing systems and ensuring that protective measures are in place, this requires the ability to show others how to work safely without putting classified or protected information at risk.

For example, an IT professional might need to create and monitor user names and passwords for employees allowed to access online databases, or they might need to teach staff about what is appropriate as well as inappropriate when it comes to working from home and accessing business networks through wireless Internet.

To learn these skills, a great training course is the Security Awareness program.

Recovering From Security Breaches

Although the purpose of most IT security jobs is to prevent data breaches from occuring in the first place, the reality is that they can and certainly do occur. Therefore, you should have at least one IT professional on staff who can guide you through the recovery after a data disaster. One of the top courses to achieve this goal is the CISM, which helps participants become Certified Information Security Managers.

Finding Hackers and Locating Digital Evidence

Many large corporations find it integral to have on staff an IT security expert who can find hackers and determine who was responsible for an attack. Arguably the best way to accomplish this is by training IT professionals through a course like the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator program.

There are a range of IT security jobs out there, and each requires a unique skill set. However, there is no question that the abilities listed above sum up the most important and in-demand skills, each of which can be obtained through IT security training at Ashford Global.

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