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The Need for Certified Digital Forensic Examiner Training in Businesses

Digital ForensicsWhen most people think of forensics, they picture crime scenes, DNA testing and fingerprints. In today’s tech-savvy world, however, it is important to understand that many of the most devastating crimes happen digitally. Digital forensics is a growing field, and many companies want to have employees on staff who are trained in this area. Learn more about how businesses can benefit from having one or more of their IT staff participate in Certified Digital Forensic Examiner Training.

Finding Illegal Uses of Company Resources

When participants have completed the five-day training program to become Certified Digital Forensic Examiners, they will be equipped to seek out and identify criminals coming from outside the system or network to commit cyber crimes. However, on a more common level, these trained professionals will be able to see if there are any illegal uses of company resources.

Staff may be laundering money, misappropriating funds or simply wasting time in the work day by not logging in or spending time on social networking sites. A Certified Digital Forensic Examiner will be able to trace how users logged in, when they logged in and what they did while they were logged in. All of this can eliminate fraud in the office and prevent employees from illegally using company resources, whether that is information, money or just time.

Investigating After a Hack or Data Breach

After a breach, a hack or a cyber attack of any kind, one of the most important things a business can do is recover quickly and minimize disruption to clients and customers. However, there is no question that some staff will be tasked with identifying what happened and investigating who orchestrated the digital attack.

Through Certified Digital Forensic Examiner Training, professionals will be better equipped to know how to trace the digital footsteps that lead to the cyber criminal. They may be able to see who logged in, whose user name was used or what password was cracked in order to access sensitive information. They may be able to identify viruses, software or IP addresses that help find the perpetrators of digital crime.

Recovering Data That is Admissible in Court

In today’s world, it is not enough to have a reasonable idea of where stolen or classified information has gone, or even who might have taken it. In order to be upheld in court, evidence needs to be guaranteed and legally obtained.

Through the right training, Certified Digital Forensic Examiners will learn about how to ensure that any evidence recovered digitally is admissible and can lead to the conviction of the cyber criminal or hacker in question.

Proving Document or Data Origination

Another benefit to Certified Digital Forensic Examiner Training is that participants will be able to definitively prove the origin of certain documents, ideas or data.

This can be vital when it comes to defending proprietary information and ensuring that competitors aren’t able to steal or copy new ideas. Digital Forensic Examiners can show when documents were created, which might predate the documents of a competitor.

With the help of Ashford Global, businesses can enroll IT employees in Certified Digital Forensic Examiner Training in order to better protect the companies, their data, their customers and their ideas.

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