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The Importance of Having a Certified Information Security Manager

Late last year, it was reported that several banks’ websites have come under attack by an unknown cyber group, thus crippling services and earning the ire of hundreds of customers. Bank customers were unable to log on to their accounts and were instead given outage messages. This, in turn, led to the sending of numerous complaints which disrupted bank and bandwidth operations. What is more shocking is that these hackers were able to disrupt the online operations of financial institutions like Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America. The Wall Street Journal even noted that Wells Fargo rarely encounters problems with its website, thereby underscoring the significance of the online attack. This just goes to show that public and private establishments must have a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) who will oversee this important part of the business.

Information security means protecting vital information and their respective information systems from hacking. Hacking can lead to unauthorized access, use, disruption, destruction, and the like of an institution’s information and information systems. Depending on the institution, vital information may comprise of employer and employee data, customer information, trade secrets, and so on. Protecting information from things like leaks and piracy requires a tight IT security mechanism to be put in place. A thorough IT security plan will protect vital information and information systems from hacking, thereby guarding against unexpected disruption of operations and preventing the vital information from going to or falling in the wrong hands.

An important key in the formulation and implementation of this IT security plan is the Certified Information Security Manager. The CISM will be responsible for assessing the information security of an organization as well as developing, implementing, and managing an information security program. The CISM will also be in charge of training personnel needed to put the plan in place and maintaining its security strength. From time to time, IT security assessment should be conducted to ensure that protection is up to speed.

Given the above, an ideal Certified Information Security Manager should know IT security like the back of his hand and be abreast with the most current developments. It is advantageous to hire a CISM with a related educational background and years of experience in the field. It does not hurt to have technical and investigational skills as well.

To become a Certified Information Security Manager, one must undergo training and satisfy the requirements of ISACA. Ashford Global IT offers a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) course especially dedicated to IT security managers who would like to advance their knowledge and career. Contact Ashford Global IT today!

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