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The Frightening Risk Hiding In Your Business

In 2014, IT security breaches will continue to rise. Expect security to play an even bigger role in information technology.

Trends like the rise of the mobile workforce, shifting corporate data to the cloud, and an increase in organizations adopting BYOD (bring your own device) policies are helping to usher in a new era of IT security. Analysts expect demand for cyber security and incident response (IR) skills to reach unprecedented levels.

Unfortunately, most security professionals don’t feel they have the security expertise required to handle advanced threats and protect their organization’s people and data assets. As data becomes more critical to business success it is essential that business leaders invest not only in their network, but in their people as well.

Your Employees May Be Dangerous To Your Business

It’s very likely that your security measures may not be adequate enough to protect your business from sophisticated threats. What’s also likely is that your employees aren’t prepared to deal with the many scenarios they’re likely to encounter.

IT risk management isn’t just the job of the IT department. All employees need to be educated on how to recognize potential threats and how to respond appropriately. IT risk management isn’t just an IT issue; it’s a critical business issue. According to McAfee’s Director of Advanced Research and Threat Intelligence, David Marcus, “Information security professionals who fail to provide behavioral training are doing a disservice to the company, its employees and its shareholders.” In other words, businesses need to ensure that all employees know how to protect the company’s network.

How to Improve IT Risk Management for 2014

As the New Year approaches most businesses are wrapping up projects, strategizing critical initiatives, and allocating resources. Aligning IT and corporate goals—typically a challenge—should be easier once everyone realizes that IT security is a critical business issue.

One of the most effective methods of securing a network is making certain that preemptive or corrective actions are taken. Other tactics include:

  • Assessing your network
  • Taking advantage of compliance and auditing tools
  • Staying abreast of risk and compliance security best practices
  • Engaging in assessments, audits and post-breach protection to identify potential weaknesses in your IT security defenses
  • Implementing multiple layers of security software

The increase in network vulnerability and security threats makes security training one of the most profitable investments an organization can make. IT security training can provide IT professionals and other employees the skills and knowledge they need to protect your organization’s critical data and systems.

Key Takeaways

Many trends (like increased adoption of mobile and more mobile malware) are driving the increase in network vulnerability and security threats. Networking professionals need to make sure their network is secure.

Make sure your company is protected against business disruption. Effective security measures help your company meet mandatory regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of legal action from data theft.

Ultimately, network security helps protect one of your most important assets—your reputation. When it comes to network security training, do you have the skills you need?

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