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The CISM Certification

In the IT department of an organization, a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) is the individual who is in charge of information risk management.  He or she is the professional who is involved with the management of IT security processes, the development and management of an information security program, and the management of Incidents which may occur at his or her workplace.


Becoming a CISM requires taking the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) course and passing the CISM Certification exam. Before going through the details of the exam, let’s go through the course.

CISM Course

The CISM course is a five-day training session which is designed to serve the needs of professionals who manage, design, oversee, and/or assess information security. This course introduces its participants to the following aspects:

  • Information Security Management Knowledge
  • Technical Skills
  • Globally-Accepted Industry Best Practices, which are also approved by Information Security Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

The focal point of the CISM course is information risk management. In addition, the course will explore the development of information security programs, the management of Incidents, and the management of IT security programs. Moreover, the CISM course clarifies differences between IT auditing and information security.


The CISM Certification core competencies will be tested during the CISM Certification exam. Those core competencies are:

  1. Information Security Governance
  2. Information Risk Management
  3. Information Security Program Development
  4. Information Security Program Management
  5. Incident Management and Response

Students wishing to take the CISM Certification exam will need to register with ISACA as it is the authority providing the exam. In addition, CISM exams can only be taken in June and December, thus applicants should always check ISACA’s website for the dates of the exam and register 45 days before the exam. The only prerequisites of the CISM Certification are an agreement to comply with the ISACA Code of Ethics and an application for CISM Certification.

Ashford Global IT’s Role

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) is one of the leading training institutes in Orlando, Florida. Certified Information Security Manager training courses are one of the many types of training sessions this organization offers. Besides providing courses whenever and wherever applicants need them, Ashford Global IT guarantees that its students will pass the exam. In addition, AGIT offers onsite as well as multi student discounts which can take off some of the financial stress of the course’s fees.

Becoming an elite information security manager is now within the reach of all. All that is required to achieve this is passing the CISM Certification exam, a task manageable with the expertise of AGIT’s staff.

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