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Should You Employ a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker?

CybersecurityIn order to protect your network, server, system and data from hackers, you need to employ someone who knows how to think and even act like a hacker. IT professionals who understand what methods a hacker might use to attack, and who know how to prevent such an attack, are your best line of defense against a data breach or cyber attack.

Find out how having a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker on hand can make all the difference for your business and your security.

What is a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker?

In a nutshell, a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker is someone who understands how to hack, but ultimately uses their knowledge and training to protect companies rather than steal information.

To beat a hacker, you need to think just like a hacker, so a CEPH is someone who has mastered the art of spotting a vulnerability, learning how to exploit it and then choosing to close up that vulnerability to create a stronger server or network. A Certified Professional Ethical Hacker can prevent future attacks and even knows how to trace the identify of an attacker if they are able to get through.

How Can Staff Become a CPEH?

To become a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker, individuals with the right background in information technology will need to complete the required training and pass an examination. In addition, they typically need to sign an agreement declaring that they will use their abilities for good rather than to harm others.

Through Ashford Global, a training program to become a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker takes five full days. During that time, participants will cover all areas of hacking, preventing a hack and learning to think like a hacker. Just some of the curriculum could include elements like exploiting access controls, how to conduct vulnerability assessments, investigating malware, encryption and decryption information, how hackers try to cover their tracks and how to deny service when necessary.

Benefits of Employing a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker

If you’re running a business, it might seem counterproductive to help one of your staff train to become a hacker. However, this could be the smartest move possible if you’re interested in boosting your digital security. By having a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker on the payroll, you can worry less about future attacks.

The CEPH will understand how hackers think, how they spot vulnerabilities and how they exploit them. Therefore, they will be ready to safeguard against those concerns and protect your system and your business to the best of their ability.

Best Candidates for CPEH Training

Although an intensive five-day training program is an effective way to learn everything there is to know about working as a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker, having a background in the field is a prerequisite to enrollment.

The best candidates for this training program will already have at least one year of work experience in network or information security. An associate or bachelor’s degree in a related subject, while not necessary, demonstrates working knowledge in the field.

Employing a hacker might sound crazy, but having a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker on your staff can help protect your business from cyber criminals.

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