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Security Awareness for All

One of the important aspects a computer user should be familiar with is security. However, if you believe that this is something only IT professionals should be aware of, you could not be more mistaken. If you are a computer user, you need to have knowledge about how to keep your computer and your data protected.

However, do not confuse security awareness with security training. Whereas training is all about developing skill sets, security awareness is for non-technical employees and end users. It will focus on teaching non-IT personnel how to maintain the confidentiality, reliability, and availability of their electronic data. Learning about security will also allow them to identify different threats the minute they occur and respond to them quickly.

Why a Security Awareness Course is Important for End Users

If you use a computer, you should be familiar with concepts of security. Here are some reasons to explain why:

  • Security professionals are too busy to provide assistance to each user separately.
  • Most of the security breaches which occur every year are caused by employees who lack proper knowledge of security.
  • Enlightening all employees about security techniques will create a better, fully aware workforce.

Aside from these, some states, such as Maine, make different organizations enroll their employees in security and privacy awareness programs.

How Ashford Global IT Can Help You

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) offers a Security Awareness workshop as one of its training courses. This one-day course covers different aspects such as how to secure information, how to maintain the security of files, and how to manage security breaches. All in all, the material covered during this one-day workshop will help you spot threats and counter them. However, that isn’t all. Once you have successfully completed the Security Awareness course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand why information security is necessary for you and your organization
  • Recognize social engineering threats and how to respond to them
  • Comprehend security concepts which are related to computer usage, networks, and the Internet
  • Identify ways to secure data, share files, back up data, encrypt files, and dispose of information properly
  • Protect data from threats stemming from the Internet
  • Identify problems which may occur, how to respond to them, and how to prevent them from ever happening

This instructor-led course will be group-paced, and you will have the chance to implement what you learn with the help of structured hands-on activities. However, if you find it difficult to attend this course at AGIT’s home location in Orlando, you can take advantage of Ashford Global IT’s on-site training offer. This can be a very cost-effective solution because on-site training sessions may warrant discounts.

Keeping data secure isn’t only the duty of the organization’s security team – it is yours as well. So, enroll yourself in Ashford Global IT’s Security Awareness course and learn how you can protect your data from misuse and from prying eyes.

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