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Protect Data Through Cloud Security Training

 Security and safety of cloud computingMany businesses no longer keep all of their documents, data and information stored on hard drives. Instead, it can be stored securely in the cloud.

While this can be an obvious choice for businesses who require more digital storage space, the cloud is not inherently secure.


It is vital that IT professionals in your company are aware of how to properly store data in the cloud, keep it safe and understand any security risks. To achieve each of those goals, enroll staff into an IT Security Training Program through Ashford Global that focuses specifically on Cloud Security Training. Through these programs, staff can learn more about the cloud itself, what the risks are and how to protect important business information.

What is the Cloud?

First, a Cloud Security Training Course will explain exactly what the cloud is. Essentially, it is a collection of servers that connect to one another over the Internet. Instead of keeping every piece of information you have collected on the physical hard drive of your computer, you can store it on these online servers collectively known as the cloud. When you want to access the information, all you need is a device that can connect to the Internet and download or view the documents or data.

High-speed Internet available instantly means that retrieving data from the cloud can be as quick as clicking a link on your computer. Cloud computing can be cheaper for businesses thanks to the lowering of IT costs and a reduction in the need for hardware maintenance and software purchases.

The Risks of Cloud Computing

Unfortunately, the convenience and financial benefits of cloud computing comes with some risks. First, there are security concerns related to password theft. Someone with the right user name and password can quickly access any data you have stored on the cloud, which means that security becomes a 24/7 global job. Gone are the days when you could lock the door of the office and know that all documents were in safe hands.

In addition, there is a concern that a disaster could wipe out all records. This could be devastating for many businesses. Finally, there is a risk that you are putting your employee’s records and client billing information onto an unprotected server, which could be problematic as well as potentially illegal in some countries.

Protecting Data on the Cloud

Through a Cloud Security Training program, your staff can be better prepared to protect data stored on the cloud. First, they can learn what kind of data can be stored exclusively on the cloud, what needs additional backup on hard drives and what should never be disseminated or stored online for security.

They can also focus on the difference between various cloud storage services and what type is best for each business. Finally, they can target security protocol and learn more about passwords and encryption, both of which can be a solid defense against cyber attacks or breaches.

Cloud storage is an incredibly helpful resource for many businesses, but it does come with risks. Cloud Security Training ensures that you are able to utilize the cloud to its fullest capacity without sacrificing security.

Contact Ashford Global today and let us train your staff to make sure your Cloud Data is fully protected.


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