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Prevent Cyber Attacks Through IT Training

IT Security Statistics show that the United States loses over $100 billion annually in cyber crime alone. This is a shocking number, but recent news stories about retail hacks, data breaches at government agencies and identity theft when filing taxes online show that the problem is certainly present across the board and in virtually every industry.

Whether you have been a victim of cyber crime in the past or you just want to take steps to prevent it, IT Training in a range of security programs can be the boost that managers and IT professionals need.

Manage Information Security

One of the most popular courses from Ashford Global in the subject of Security is the one offered to help participants become Certified Information Security Managers. This is a five day program that focuses not on the basics of security but instead on how best to manage entire information security systems.

Managers who are responsible for assessing cyber security systems for a business are the ideal candidates for this program. You will learn key details about what to expect when protecting assets, the lifecycle of infrastructure and the resources needed for IT support.

Audit IT Systems

Even after a new IT security system is in place, it can be difficult to determine how effective it truly is until it is put to the test. Of course, trial by fire, or in this case by cyber attack or direct hack, is not the best case scenario. Enrolling in a course to become aCertified Information Systems Auditor means learning how to assess existing security systems and determining their protection level.

Using the same tools and programs that might be used by a hacker, you will understand how to test the limits of your security system, expose any vulnerabilities in the network and see how secure what you store in the cloud truly is. By pinpointing any weaknesses, you can then correct them and ensure that your company’s data is in good hands.

Secure Small Networks

Although small businesses have less data to protect overall, they still need to have a system that prevents cyber crimes from occurring. One great option for smaller businesses is to have at least one manager or employee become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. This certification program includes basic as well as mid-level information in areas like network security, file security and how to recover from attacks should they ever occur.

Create Awareness About IT Security

Executives as well as high level managers who want a comprehensive view of IT security often find that the best fit is the Security Awareness course. This program focuses on what a great security system should be comprised of, the newest technological developments that play a role in IT security and even how security is handled by corporations around the world.

It also gives participants the tools to act as consultants in the cybersecurity world or oversee and assess the infrastructure already established by others within an existing company.

Protecting data and proprietary information is a big part of running any business, and the right IT Training courses from Ashford Global can be the perfect tools to learn more. Choose from programs that can teach general awareness about IT security, how to secure smaller networks, audit existing IT systems or manage information security.

Contact us to schedule the training your employees need for a higher level of security.

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