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Overcome Internal Threats with Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness TrainingThink your biggest security threat comes from some ill-defined external source? In reality, the most significant risks originate with simple, avoidable mistakes. The staff you trust to handle your data and deal with your clients’ vital private information on a daily basis may simply lack the understanding to know they’re contributing to vulnerabilities.

This is no reflection on their talents in today’s data-heavy world; it’s simply all too easy to commit mistakes without even knowing it. In the end, a good Security Awareness training program may be your firm’s best defense against itself.

What Are You up Against?

Unfortunately, the most common hazards you face aren’t as obvious as being hacked or having your data stolen by a competitor; if they were, security would be a whole lot easier to administer. Instead, you have to deal with issues like what happens when someone uses their personal laptop or phone to access a project over the corporate Intranet and then goes home and downloads a game that somehow exposes their business login credentials.

Sadly, such situations can and have occurred without the app’s developer or the victimized organization even being aware of it. These issues are painfully relevant, and they can potentially connect your business data to a trail of leakage that goes far beyond your limited abilities to control.

Even more troubling, these kinds of risks are impossible for your IT staff to fight on their own. Effective solutions require that every member of your workforce understands the risks of their actions and implements better routine practices. As such, organizational Security Awareness training is essential to your firm’s success.

Comprehensive Knowledge Dissemination

Security Awareness training isn’t just about teaching lower-level corporate tech users how to protect their credentials or access client data securely. It’s also vital that you impart your IT staff with the skills they’ll require to help others improve their behaviors.

For instance, most firms that let their staff members use personal smartphones and other devices for business-related tasks also implement bring your own device (BYOD) policies. By having an IT staff member sit down and explain the BYOD rules and preferred practices to an employee, who then signs an agreement indicating their understanding, these companies spread superior practices and engender a corporate culture that has clearly defined standards.

Ultimately,Security Awareness training is about strengthening your weakest links, but it should also raise the level at which more experienced employees operate. Teaching everyone to conduct themselves in the most secure manner possible is the only way to head off mistakes that might originate with any individual.

Starting to Consider Practical Security Awareness Training

Also bear in mind that the most effective Security Awareness training programs are tailored to the organizations that employ them. Implementing a generic BYOD policy you downloaded off the Internet, for example, isn’t going to help if it doesn’t address the specific security procedures people need to follow when accessing your particular variant of cloud-based software or making modifications to a server’s settings.

Make sure you tailor your training to the way you work so that the results serve you better. Contact Ashford Global IT to begin learning how to implement Security Awareness training and come up with a concrete plan of attack.


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