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Mastering CISSP® Training

CISSP Certification TrainingLike many professional certifications, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CISSP®, training is plagued by promises of the impossible. Tons of unverified sites offer wild claims of guaranteed passage if you’ll simply purchase their exam packages. While some are more reputable than others, there’s no magic bullet.

Passing a CISSP exam requires thorough application and hard work, so it’s critical that you adopt a training plan that increases your chances of success.

Looking at the Numbers

If all you needed to pass a CISSP exam was a practice test, there would probably be way more certificate holders, but this is far from the case. (ISC)²® reported that in May 2014, less than 94,000 members held CISSP accreditation worldwide. Unsurprisingly for a certification of this caliber, qualification is difficult to attain.

For instance, consider the amount of time you need to invest to become a qualified candidate. Even if you get the minimum five-year period of work experience waived, you’ll still require a four-year degree or six years to gain the requisite experience as an Associate Certificate holder. The fact that the exam is six hours long seems like a pittance compared to all the other commitments you’ll be signing up for.

Choosing Appropriate Training

If there is a secret to CISSP success, it lies in your choice of training regimen. While no training method in the world boasts universally favorable results, there are definitely class structures and programs that cater better to specific learning styles and schedule constraints. It’s not about finding the easiest one-size-fits-all training, it’s about choosing a custom course that best suits your personal needs.

Consider the way you learn and the hours you keep. Can your chosen training program accommodate, or will you be forced to burn the midnight oil just to keep up with the coursework? Remember that CISSP is a pretty hefty qualification; trying to squeeze in study hours here and there or juggle a ton of responsibilities may increase your stress level too much to make your study effective.

If you want to pursue this qualification, you should do so the right way; devote an adequate amount of time to study, and you’ll find it a bit easier to handle the load.

Customizing Your Courses

Before beginning a CISSP workup program, be certain to talk to the trainer. Voice your concerns about the suitability of the course, and get some feedback on the kind of time commitment you’ll most likely have to make. Being communicative early on can head off major problems later, especially if you’re working with a trainer who responds well to students.

Bear in mind that students typically respond differently to the same course content. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’re more likely to succeed, but it’s important that you’re directing your effort in an efficient fashion.

Learning with expert educators from Ashford Global IT may make it easier to bridge the student-teacher gap and benefit from a course that fits your style. Discover more about how you can tackle CISSP training and exams by contacting these industry-vetted professionals today.


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