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Master Your Professional Domain with CISSP® Training

Server RoomNo modern IT employee can get away with being ignorant of security best practices. Breaches can come from anywhere, including software and hardware vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the work you do for clients may be subject to privacy laws or government regulations.

No matter what your specific job is, it’s important to learn about the industry-approved methods and principles that help major organizations maintain Information Security. Use CISSP® training to increase your technical knowledge, and you can eliminate the inherent vulnerabilities that keep your work from becoming as good as it should be.

Picking a Certification that Translates Well

While many firms have their own security standards, organizations place a high value on employees with CISSP training and certification. Instead of focusing on a specific architecture, operating system or framework, CISSP’s 10 domains encompass important topics that apply to all IT implementations. As a result, firms that are doing anything IT-related know that they can rely on CISSP-qualified individuals to help them do it better.

Take Advantage of a Common Understanding

CISSP was designed to establish globally relevant standards, and since its creation, it has remained vendor-neutral. This gives it a bit more long-term viability than the security methodologies implemented by specific firms, many of which base their ideas on established frameworks like CISSP.

The CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) includes terms and concept definitions that will enable you to discuss security methodologies with your firm’s global industry partners and your immediate coworkers. You’ll also find that your training removes some of the entry bars between you and high-paying jobs with sensitive organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. National Security Agency.

Training for Your Career

CISSP’s domain-based curriculum also helps you master methodologies that are more relevant to your area of expertise. For instance, you could augment your business managerial skills by learning about the Legal, Regulations, Investigations and Compliance domain or Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning domain. Such skills might help you optimize the department that you’re currently in charge of or about to take over.

Of course, your CISSP training will help you master the CBK in general so that you can earn your credentials via examination. Nonetheless, the leeway to focus on specific domains will also make it much easier to gain professional skills that you can use on a daily basis.

Find options for CISSP training through industry training leader Ashford Global IT (AGIT). Enhance your knowledge base and your chances at a better career with the right IT training.

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