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Manage Your IS Through Security Awareness Training

TrainingIn decades past, the issue of security meant ensuring that all the office doors were locked at the end of the day or that everything in the petty cash drawer was accounted for. Today, the landscape of security has changed drastically thanks to the rise of technology. For an IT service company, security means protecting the data entrusted to you by customers as well as employee information and proprietary information owned by the business.

If your IS is lacking, then a Security Training course can be the perfect way to boost protection and reshape the way you think about business security.

Creating the Framework for a Better IS

One of the key elements of the five-day training program offered by Ashford Global in Security Awareness is learning how to design a customized IS, or Information Security, that best meets the need of your business. The level of protection you need all depends on the amount of sensitive material you store.

Some businesses may rely on encryption when cloud computing, for example, when others will feel most comfortable password-protecting everything and only allowing access to those within the local wired network. By learning more about the many different types of security options available, as well as the legal requirements you are bound by in order to protect the material you are entrusted with, you can determine what your IS needs to include.

Overseeing Your IS

Even the most carefully designed IS won’t be effective unless it is constantly tweaked, overseen and managed. The typical candidate for a Security Awareness program is an executive manager whose role is not limited to information security. A significant portion of the training program is devoted to management techniques that support your new IS.

For example, you will learn how best to implement new security measures so that they are used across the board. You may also learn more about how to encourage employees to take extra safety precautions like logging out of their accounts when enjoying a lunch break or not signing in and viewing network materials when using a public wireless Internet network outside of the office.

It is the job of a manager to ensure that an IS is implemented as fully as possible, so learning the techniques to do just that can be tremendously helpful.

Assessing the Effectiveness of a New IS

Once an IS is in place, its effectiveness needs to be monitored and assessed at regular intervals to ensure that is it still working for the business. Part of the Security Awareness training program will be learning how to gauge effectiveness and get a clear picture of what is working and what is not. In addition, it is important to understand how to implement changes across the board when needed.

You will also learn some basic recovery techniques, which is vital in the event that problems arise and information needs to be restored and accounted for after a hack or a leak.

At Ashford Global, executive managers and other employees tasked with data protection can get the tools they need to improve their business’ IS.

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