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Increase Security Through Workforce CISM Training

Skill LevelOne of the ongoing battles for any company is boosting their security. Although data breaches, leaks and hacks are growing increasingly common for even smaller companies, mitigating those risks without investing heavily can be a tricky balance. Rather than hiring security professionals with a wealth of experience, it may be best to encourage workforce training.

When existing employees become Certified Information Security Managers, your business assets, proprietary information and customer details will be better protected as a result.

Benefits of Workplace Training Rather Than Outside Hiring

It can’t be contested that the expertise of a Certified Information Security Manager is unparalleled, and should be a priority in virtually all businesses with a digital presence. However, some companies prefer to hire outside professionals in consultant roles in an effort not to take on another full-time employee.

The reality is that doing so can often cost more and bring fewer benefits to the company. A part-time consultant might have the knowledge, but they won’t have the same investment in the business as a full-time member of staff. Plus, over the course of several months or years, it may well be cheaper to invest in workforce training, picking a suitable candidate to become a Certified Information Security Manager that is a growing asset for the company.

Advantages of Having a CISM on Staff

The CISM training program is a five-day course that covers a comprehensive range of topics relating to the management of information security. This training, and the subsequent examination, ensures that participants are qualified to oversee and monitor security systems in the future. With a Certified Information Security Manager on staff, your business can benefit in a number of different ways.

To start, they will be able to streamline organizational goals and then implement effective security systems that meet those goals. Furthermore, they will be able to create communication manuals regarding security for the company, helping everyone from entry-level employees to executives stay on the same page.

A CISM can also budget for security systems, making it easier for companies to find a suitable middle ground between the expense of safety and the profitability of a successful company.

Coordinating Workforce CISM Training

Prospective participants can opt to complete CISM training on the premises, or online training can be arranged. Whatever option is chosen, the course itself will take five days and be split into four major domains: information security governance, information risk management and compliance, information security program development and management and information security incidence management.

At the conclusion of the training programs, there will be an exam, and all those who pass will officially become Certified Information Security Managers.

Ideal Candidates to Become Certified Information Security Managers

Not everyone can study for or become a CISM. Potential participants need to have a minimum of five years of information security experience. It may also be necessary to have some previous training and certification in the field, such as holding the title of Certified Information Systems Auditor or Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

With the help of Ashford Global, businesses can encourage workforce CISM training and benefit from having a Certified Information Security Manager on staff.

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