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Increase Business Security With Bring Your Own Device Training

Internet and Device SecurityBusinesses undergo incredible efforts to tighten up their IT security in a number of ways. Hiring IT experts to test networks for weaknesses, bringing on staff to secure databases and implementing new measures like digital encryption are all becoming standard in today’s modern world. However, one of the biggest ways that a company’s IT security could be jeopardized is when its employees use personal electronic devices to conduct business.

Although done perhaps with good intentions, something as simple as logging onto the company’s wireless network to check emails could have substantially negative results. Discover how Bring Your Own Device Training, or BYOD Training, might be what your company needs to beef up its digital security.

The Dangers of Personal Electronics in the Workplace

If your business electronics and technological devices are secured, you might think that the addition of a few smartphones, tablets or laptops couldn’t make much of a difference. In reality, however, employees bringing their own devices to work can cause a number of major problems for your company’s privacy and security.

For example, an employee low on data could log onto the business wireless network in order to use the Internet. At best, this is an unofficial use of a company resource, but it may not have terrible effects. At worst, that employee might click on malware that is then able to access or hack the whole network, putting entire databases at risk.

Another security risk is when employees, often with the best of intentions, conduct business work on their own personal devices so that they can continue the work back home or during a long commute from the office.

Unfortunately, if their personal devices are stolen while off company property, the thief could have access to classified information or login details to access business records, employee files or even customer billing information, all of which can be disastrous for a business of any size.

Why Banning Devices Simply Doesn’t Work

After learning about how much damage a single personal electronic device can bring, some companies try to ban their use altogether. Unfortunately, such a policy is rarely effective, and it can actually further reduce the safety standards in the workplace.

The reality is that individuals heavily rely on their electronic devices. Two thirds of Americans have a smartphone, and many rely on it as their primary source of information, entertainment and communication. Furthermore, many employees require personal devices in order to stay connected to colleagues, particularly if work hours are not standard or if telecommuting is common.

BYOD Training Programs

If personal electronic devices can be a security risk, and banning them outright simply isn’t an option, then the logical conclusion is to ensure that employees know how to use their own devices safely. Bring Your Own Device Training can be the perfect way to verse staff on how to safely use their own phones and computers in and out of the office, and it can be a good time to explain how to reduce hacks and malware as well.

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device Training, is a necessity in today’s modern workforce. The right training programs can go a long way in tightening up IT security for your business.

Contact us today and let us help you ensure the security of your own devices!


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