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Identity Theft Concerns May Create New Personal Security Business

Personal security has been a concern for consumers for many years.  During the 1980s and 1990s, home security systems grew like never before as a result of increasing property crime.  However, there is a new concern for personal security today, and this concern will create the next major business in this industry.  Identity theft is nothing new, but since the expansion of both personal computers and the Internet, it has taken on entirely new dimensions.  Those intent on obtaining the personal information of others have found the new technologies well-suited for their criminal purposes.

Enter the IT security professional who understands how to secure private information from intrusion.  Most users of personal computers, including small business owners, today rely entirely on their virus software and firewall settings for security, but as many are discovering, these are insufficient.  With over 5% of all Internet users becoming victim to identity theft in the United States alone each year, many are beginning to understand that true security measures require more than a “safety in a box” solution.

Indeed, the ways in which thieves can obtain personally identifiable information run the gamut from engineering attacks on social networks to phishing campaigns.  Phishing campaigns are particularly successful for the criminally-minded because they use the trust that most already have in their banks and other such companies.  They send out an email or use a pop-up that appears to be from the company we already have an established relationship with, then use that trust to obtain the data they are missing after they have already obtained bits and pieces.  When the unsuspecting persons provide what seems to be unimportant information, the attacker gains what they need.

In addition, if thieves can obtain simple information such as an IP address, perhaps a date of birth and a password or two, they can then use various cross-referencing techniques to isolate additional information to round out the theft of identity.   Because of this, just as home security systems have become a mainstay of modern living, professional virtual security businesses will experience considerable growth in the near future.

The theft of personal information is creating a demand for services by those who understand how to protect this data.  Thus, for the entrepreneurial-minded IT security person, this presents a considerable opportunity in the marketplace of the future, which is today.

Ashford Global IT offers numerous classes in IT security which many will find useful to these ends.  To name just one, the CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security Professional class teaches you how to protect home and small business systems from intruders.  By learning how to spot potential risks, defend against such, and deal effectively with these, you can help protect personal computers from identity theft.

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