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How Everyone Can Benefit from CISSP Training

Internet and Device SecurityTo best protect your business, smart managers and owners will recruit the help of the entire staff. After all, even companies with the very best IT experts and professionals can still fall victim to date breaches or cyber hacks thanks to a small slip-up by an entry-level employee or an intern. Anyone who accesses the company’s wireless network, checks work emails from their smartphone or uses a computer at the office should know the basics about corporate security and Internet safety.

Learn more about some of the top skills and benefits that are available when participants become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional through CISSP Training.

Keeping Physical Assets Secure

One thing that often gets overlooked in IT and security training is the importance of keeping physical assets safe within the company The equipment needed to operate digitally, which might include laptops, cell phones, servers and routers, all need to be protected in order to keep them safe.

This might include improving a system to physically lock and store certain items, or it might be improving the way that these items are password protected, ensuring only the right people can access and utilize them.

Safely Communicating Among Staff

In almost all modern businesses, communication is done in a variety of ways. While there may be the occasional phone call or in-person meeting, most communication is done via video messaging systems, email or in-house chat systems. While all of these digital forms of communication can go a long way in increasing workplace efficiency, they do open up some security concerns. By enrolling staff in CISSP Training, they will better understand how to communicate safely without putting the business at risk via emails or live chat.

Learning Roles in Incident Recovery

The true test of a prepared company is seeing how it reacts after a breach, incident or attack. Through CISSP Training, employees at every level can learn what their roles will be after such an event.

For some professionals, the priority will be informing customers and contacting suppliers, but for other employees the main objective might be recovering data. When everyone knows their role, recovery can be faster, business can resume sooner and fewer customers will be inconvenienced.

Upholding Industry Ethical Standards

Another integral element of becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional is learning what the industry standards are for ethical security.

For instance, participants might learn about the rules surrounding sharing or protecting customer details as well as the importance of securing employee information. Everyone on staff should know the legal and ethical guidelines surrounding IT and digital security.

Analyze Risk in a Range of Situations

Finally, CISSP Training teaches participants how to analyze risk in any situation. Every day, employees are faced with seemingly small decisions that can still put the company at risk. For instance, someone who completes CISSP Training might think twice before logging on to their business account when using free unsecured WiFi at a local cafe.

At Ashford Global, employees can become Certified Information Systems Security Professionals in as little as one day. With this qualification, participants will be smarter, more efficient employees that can protect the digital information of their company.

Call or contact us today and let’s get your training scheduled.


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