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How CISSP® Certified Staff Save Your Organization Money

CISSP Information SecurityIn today’s competitive global business environment firms face many challenges. Most business leaders seek any ethical competitive advantage they can find.

One of those challenges is often overlooked as an opportunity to improve the business and make changes that will boost the organization’s bottom line. Offering employee training, such as CISSP®, can actually save your business money.

A Top Concern of CEOs and CIOs

You may be surprised to discover just how many CEOs and CIOs worry about how to make sure the employees they depend on to make the business run smoothly and keep up-to-date with their information technology business skills. Once you take into account the fact that even companies that don’t specialize in technology spend anywhere between 5% and 10% of their firms’ revenue on technology, the importance of making sure that investment is protected becomes more clear. After all, good IT help is hard to find and once you find it, keeping it in-house is just as much of a challenge.

Properly trained information technology professionals make better use of IT assets, cut architectural errors, reduce software development time and enhance quality of services. That’s why retraining and upgrading the skills of existing staff is just as important, if not more, as hiring new staff members that already posses the needed skill sets.

Get Your Team CISSP Certified

Information technology involves complex skill sets and global spending on IT services is increasing every year. Internal personnel represent the largest portion of most organizations’ IT budgets. That’s one reason employers need staff to stay up to date in information technology. After all, every business investment—even human resources—should provide some sort of return on investment.

So that is why more and more companies are helping current employees earn their Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. Not only does CISSP certification offer many opportunities for information security professionals’ advancement in their individual careers, it helps strengthen the entire organization. This globally recognized certification is one way to train employees properly to meet the demands of growing technology. CISSP training is one method of planning to meet the high demand for information technology professionals in the coming years. The need for trained IT professionals is expected to increase by 53% by 2020.

What Does All This Mean?

The bottom line is that with all of the competition when it comes to hiring qualified IT employees, hiring all of your IT staff as new hires just won’t be feasible. Investing in corporate training for existing staff must be part of the plan. But what type of training should business leaders use?

Formal Training Vs. Self-Taught Training

As mentioned previously, CISSP training and certification is a globally recognized expertise in the field of information security. The certification confirms an individual’s knowledge and experience. CISSPs are information assurance experts who define the architecture, design, management and controls that guarantee the security of the business organization.

But what type of training is the best investment? You’ll have to decide for yourself but here is some information to help you make an informed decision.

  • Formal training offers many advantages over self-taught or online environments. For one, completion of the curriculum in a timely matter is much greater when a course is instructor led.
  • Hands on practice is generally more complex, and ability to ask questions to a qualified instructor is invaluable.
  • Typically, knowledge of underlying software architecture is weak among self-trained IT staff.
  • Live training encourages hands-on practice which boosts understanding and retention.

The CISSP credential indicates an employee that is highly knowledgeable with respect to the latest information security-related developments and common body of knowledge. With the pool of adequately skilled IT professionals limited continual training will become a business necessity.

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