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Ethical Hacking: When Hacking Becomes Legal

Whenever you hear the word “hacker,” what are you reminded of? Do you think of your countless spam emails in your inbox? Do you think of those viruses you try so hard to erase from your system? The word “hacker” connotes anything but good, doesn’t it? But did you know that you can be a hacker and still have a noble job?

This type of hacking is more popularly known as ethical hacking, although it is also known as legal hacking. Ethical hacking is the process of using techniques to penetrate an IT system to be able to assess its stability and reliability and determine and implement the right security solutions to cure the weaknesses.

The idea of ethical hacking is simple – to catch a thief, one should think like a thief. That is, know what thieves would usually do and use to succeed in their intrusion. A classic example of this would be the security of your home. By knowing the possible paths where a thief can get in your house, you would know which doors to double-lock and which pathways must have traps to catch him.

Similarly, your IT system should be as safe and secure as your own home because a single IT security issue can cause much damage to your business. With the help of an ethical hacker, your security will be tested and your IT issues will be resolved before intruders try to get into your system. Hackers may be IT experts but Certified Ethical Hackers know how to outsmart them. Trust only a Certified Ethical Hacker to take good care of your security.

Is your IT department equipped with the right security solutions? Ashford Global IT is now offering IT security courses including a Certified Ethical Hacker course. The Certified Ethical Hacker training course is recommended for security officers, auditors, site administrators and even IT students. Learn the various hacking laws and stay aware of global developments in IT laws. Be informed of the various malwares that can affect your system and know how to fight them off before they can cause you trouble. Study the techniques of successful footprinting, Google hacking, scanning and enumeration.

Learn all these and more from the IT security experts at Ashford Global IT. Enroll now and stay ahead of the competition!

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