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Defining the Value of a Certified Security Leadership Officer

Learn and LeadWith such a wide range of security training programs available, many business leaders find it difficult to target one for potential participants. If you want to take cyber security into your own hands and better protect your business, then enrolling IT staff, engineers or existing cyber security professionals into advanced training programs is always a good idea.

However, you might want to consider a certification course that also helps graduates to disseminate the information they obtain through training.

A program to help participants become Certified Security Leadership Officers may be the ticket to create a bridge between security experts, executives and the rest of your staff.

Benefits of a Certified Security Leadership Officer

One of the problems that you might encounter on a daily basis is that not everyone in the company is on the same page when it comes to digital security. Although it might be advantageous to have one or two highly-trained IT professionals who are well versed in cyber security, it won’t be entirely effective unless the rest of your employees also know how to implement basic security measures.

Plus, executives and managers, who typically have the greatest amount of access to sensitive details, might not know how or why these things need to be protected. A Certified Security Leadership Officer can essentially be the liaison between all members of staff when it comes to digital security.

They could, for example, brief upper-level managers on the new security measures being put into place, and they could detail the results of vulnerability testing in a clear way. Alternatively, a Certified Security Leadership Officer could manage existing security measures or beef them up to better protect the company. Seminars, email blasts or established protocol for new employees will ensure greater security all around.

Ideal Candidates for Training

The best candidates to enroll in a Certified Security Leadership Officer training program will be those employees who already have a background in the world of information technology. Ideally, they would also already have at least a year of managerial experience in the field. Some of the people from your business who might be perfectly suited for this certification could include IT managers or cyber security engineers.

Curriculum of the Certified Security Leadership Officer Program

The Ashford Global course to prepare students to become Certified Security Leadership Officers takes five business days to complete. During that time, students will work their way through a comprehensive curriculum that covers countless cyber security management aspects.

To start, the course emphasizes security management and why an overarching security plan is vital. Then, it dives into some of the ways to manage risk. The course also covers encryption, operations security and network security.

Students will also learn how to safely limit access to those employees who need it as well as how to handle, report and react to incidents should they occur. At the conclusion of the course, participants will be ready to take and pass the two-hour exam, which contains 100 multiple-choice questions.

Enrolling certain staff in a training program to become Certified Security Leadership Officers can be a way to create a bridge between all members of staff, as well as executives, boosting overall security for any company.

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