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CISA: The Future of Information Security

Lock and glass globeSince 1978, CISA has been the golden standard for Information Systems auditors worldwide. It boasts an impressive array of individuals as members. The list of CISA qualified people includes CEOs, CFOs, as well as some of the most well respected security managers and consultants.

The Certified Information Systems Auditor Certification, or CISA, is a qualification set out by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).  You can visit ISACA.org for detailed information about the association and its certifications.

So why should I care about CISA Certification?

CISA qualified security professionals possess specific technical skills that are the stepping stones towards professional success in the Information Security Industry. There is an increasing demand for individuals with the right knowledge and the credentials to prove it. CISA provides the most up-to-date, qualified, and competent security personnel to the whole world, thus solving the problems of many IT-oriented organizations.

With over 80,000 members in 160 countries and more than 185 chapters worldwide, CISA is the most well respected security accreditation you can have on your resume. This just proves that many people respect CISA; therefore, it is the best career move you can make as a security professional in the IT industry.

How do I go about getting CISA Certified?

In order to gain a Certified Information Systems Auditor Certification, candidates for the CISA Certification must do the following:

  • Pass the examination
  • Agree to adhere to ISACA’s Code of Professional Ethics
  • Submit evidence of a minimum of five years of professional IS auditing, control, or security work
  • Abide by a program of continuing professional education

Apart from worldwide recognition, another benefit you will get from this program is the increase in your knowledge and marketable skills. A Certified Information Systems Auditor Certification demonstrates an enthusiasm to improve technical awareness and expertise. It also makes you aware of what goes into making an organization and makes you a valuable part of management.

What does CISA Certification cover?

It is one of the most sought after credentials when it comes to employment. A CISA designation boosts your professional image and puts you apart from the rest.

This certification has six main areas:

  • IS Audit Process
  • IT Governance
  • Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management
  • IT Service Delivery and Support
  • Protection of Information Assets
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) is a leading provider of CISA training. The CISA training programs at AGIT are prepared and taught by industry experts who are CISA qualified. These classes extensively cover the six areas of the CISA Certification exam.

The staff makes sure that everything you learn is applicable in the real world so you can apply your new knowledge to everyday situations with ease. The CISA Certification exam is offered twice a year – in June and December.  Ashford Global IT helps make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for the CISA Certification exam.

Ashford Global prepares students well for the CISA Certification Exam

Along with study materials, students are given practice exam questions as well as scenario-based team and individual activities and exercises to ensure that their learning is maximized. With Ashford Global IT, you can definitely pass your CISA exam on your first attempt.

For more detailed information regarding CISA training, please contact Ashford Global IT.

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