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Choosing the Right IT Security Certifications for Staff

Technology Training in the OfficeAny business with connections to the field of information technology needs to place an emphasis on security. That could mean implementing new access regulations to limit the people who can be on a network, or it might mean extensive testing to determine where any vulnerabilities in the system might be. While there is little debate over the advantages of IT security certifications and training for staff, it can sometimes be tricky to determine which certifications will be best for a given company.

Discover how to pick the right IT security certifications that will meet the needs of your company.

How Much Time is Available for Training Courses?

One of the first questions to ask is, “How much time will be available for the training portion of the IT security certification?” If participants are short on time, and simply want to have minimal certification under their belts, then the ideal program might be CISSP, which trains and certifies participants to become Certified Information Systems Security Professionals.

The CISSP program takes just one day to complete, as opposed to the more traditional five-day courses in the world of IT security training.

Are Participants Beginners or Experts in IT Security?

Next, it is important to identify whether the prospective participants are just beginning to learn about IT security. Beginners interested in learning more, as well as managers who need to better understand how to work securely without putting the business’ data at risk, might do best in a course like Security Awareness.

A course in Security Awareness makes it easier to understand the risks of cloud computing and shared networks, and it is a fantastic starting point for executives and managers eager to learn more. On the other hand, you might have existing IT experts who simply want to expand their knowledge and earn qualifications.

In that case, the ideal training program and certification might be something like the Certified Ethical Hacker course or the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator.

What is the Overall Objective of the IT Certification?

Another integral part of choosing suitable IT security certifications for staff is determining the overall objective. If the goal is simply to introduce the topic, then CISSP or Security Awareness might be ideal. If the objective is to manage IT systems with an emphasis on security, then the Certified Information Security Manager course could be a smart choice.

If you want to teach IT security staff more about how to spot vulnerabilities and create testing methods that lead to tighter security, then two optimum courses could be in Certified Ethical Hacking and Certified Information Systems Auditing.

Finally, advanced professionals in cyber security might benefit most from a course that examines how to trace the footsteps of hackers and find out where classified information is in the event of a theft, a goal that can be accomplished through programs for Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators.

Through Ashford Global, your employees can enroll in suitable IT security certification courses, become more knowledgeable about data and network security and better protect your business.

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