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Boost Your Credentials With IT Security Certifications

Technology TrainingJust over 3.5 million people around the world use the Internet on a regular basic, according to recent statistics. With the growth of Internet banking, databases, networks and online communication also comes the risk of large-scale data breaches, malware and hacking.

To make businesses, banking, shopping and humanity as a whole safer, IT security specialists are required. Whether you are interested in entering the field of IT for the first time, becoming eligible for a promotion or increasing your prestige and salary in the workplace, one of these IT Security certifications could be exactly what you require to get ahead.

Ethical Hacker Certification

This program allows graduates to become CEHs, or certified ethical hackers. This is one of the most prestigious certifications in the field of IT, and it is granted after students have mastered the most advanced ways to hack into a network or database as well as the countermeasures that can be taken before and after.

As a CEH, you’ll be invaluable to companies or organizations who need to expose their vulnerabilities and prevent the leaking of classified information or customer details.

Information Systems Security Professional Certification

This program gives you the chance to become a CISSP, or certified information systems security professional. This is a great program to give you an introduction into the world of cyber security on a personal level. You will learn how to protect files and proprietary information as well as how to deal with any potential attacks that could occur.

Information Systems Auditor Certification

The CISA program, which helps students to become certified information systems auditors, includes a curriculum focused on testing penetration potential. You will learn how hacks happen, how to test for vulnerabilities and how to report and handle those weaknesses if and when they pop up on a personal computer or a large corporation’s network.

Information Security Manager Certification

The curriculum in this program covers a variety of subjects including IT service, IT support, disaster recovery, protection of information assets, IS auditing, IT governance and systems and infrastructure lifecycle management. By learning about the entire scope of IT security, you’ll be prepared to manage a team of IT professionals and call yourself a CISM, or certified information security manager.

Security Awareness Certification

In the process of earning a security awareness certification, you will understand how to provide IT security services to businesses.

While many corporations have security experts on staff, it is also common to hire those with security awareness certifications to look for vulnerabilities and manage the entire IS network. If you are interested in working as an IS consultant or freelance computer security expert, then a security awareness certification might be a great fit for you.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Certification

This goes one step beyond preventing hacks and focuses on tracing the actions of hackers in order to prosecute them according to the law. At the end of the program, you’ll be a CHFI, or certified hacking forensic investigator, and you might be able to find work with large businesses, with law enforcement or with a legal firm.

With one of these IT security certifications available through Ashford Global, you can expand your career opportunities in a number of fields. Find out more about getting your certification today.


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