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Becoming a Certified Security Sentinel

Security Training for EmployeesThere is a common myth that goes around many businesses and organizations: Only IT experts and digital security professionals can make a difference in the fight against a cyber attack or a data breach. While it may be a true that some high-level hackers only meet their match among trained experts in the field, most cyber breaches are conducted by criminals with far less experience. As a result, you can protect yourself, and your company’s information, simply by learning the basics.

A training course to become a Certified Security Sentinel can make all the difference and help to create an educated, well-armed team. Find out more about the prerequisites to this training program, how it can help businesses and what the curriculum will contain.

Who Should Enroll in this Program?

The Certified Security Sentinel training program offered through Ashford Global is a two-day program, and it is designed to appeal to all interested participants. You don’t have to have a related degree, and you don’t even need to have any experience in the field of information systems or information technology.

As long as you have a basic working knowledge of computers, and you have a job where you need to access digital databases, networks, servers or even business email accounts, then you are the right candidate to become a Certified Security Sentinel.

What Does the Curriculum Cover?

The comprehensive curriculum for the Certified Security Sentinel training program covers a wide range of topics to help users navigate their daily tasks without putting themselves or their company at risk.

To start, the course focuses on how to identify the risks of using a computer and how to secure your computer, smartphone or tablet for personal and business use. Then, it delves into suspicious software or popups, how to choose and implement countermeasures like anti-virus or spyware software, how to safely use the Internet at work, how to identify a potential hacker, common methods of online and in-person deception used by criminals and how to securely work from home or on the go.

Participants who complete the training program will feel more confident when completing work-related tasks online or via a business network, and they will be educated about the risks and repercussions of online communication, storage and even accessing open wireless Internet networks at cafes or airports.

Why Do Businesses Want More Certified Security Sentinels?

As a business owner or manager, you might wonder whether paying for a training course like this can really benefit your business. Keep in mind that many of the biggest and most devastating cyber attacks, leaks and data breaches occur when everyday employees let their guard down or don’t know what to look for.

Training all employees to be Certified Security Sentinels means that they will know how to spot problems before they develop, they can better protect their access credentials and they can work securely from their smartphones or from home computers. You’ll gain more cognizant, aware employees who can be integral in the march toward cyber protection.

Through a comprehensive two-day training program, companies can gain employees who are Certified Security Sentinels ready to protect their companies and their security.

Call or contact us today and let’s make sure your business is safe by training your employees.


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