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Advantages for Hiring CISM®-Qualifed Staff

CISM TrainingIT professionals with Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) qualifications are helping modern firms maintain higher security standards. Because CISM-qualified staff possess a litany of knowledge about governance, companies rely on them to devise improved security management plans and practices.

For many firms, workforce CISM training is the easiest way to bring security governance knowledge up to acceptable standards.

Earning the CISM Qualification

According to the CISM standard, which is maintained by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA®), effective risk management is the core of information security. Certificate holders must have the skills to find hidden weaknesses in BYOD policies, security governance methods, network operating standards and IT systems.

Managerial staff who want to earn this qualification and perform oversight in accordance with its core tenets must be willing to gain firsthand familiarity with risk management practices. As such, all test takers are required to possess at least five years of experience in information security and a minimum of three years in data security management.

Why is direct knowledge of IT security so vital? Information storage, handling and sharing practices are highly varied. As a result, risk management strategies commonly necessitate understanding of a range of technologies. Even if ISACA didn’t require personal industry expertise, training managers would be well advised to ensure their staff had it in ample amounts.

Although this exam can be taken without the requisite work experience, passing scores are only valid for five years. It’s best to schedule your training, so students don’t have to rush or jump through logistical hoops to satisfy all the requirements.

Scheduling for the Future

It may be impossible for your organization to plan a specific training regimen five years in advance, but you probably don’t have to go that far. Instead, prepare by ensuring your applicants get the right work experience, then transition into formal or personalized education as necessary.

Focus on the knowledge domains of CISM to identify which kinds of work experience your staff lack. The official certification is built around four main subject groupings, and ISACA even lets you know what percentage of the test is devoted to each.

The four CISM domains are:

  • Information Security Governance (24%)
  • Information Risk Management and Compliance (33%)
  • Information Security Program Development and Management (25%)
  • Information Security Incident Management (18%)

Use these domains to determine which workers are tasked with your security governance actions. Match prospective CISM candidates with the jobs that best fit their qualification pursuits to round out their personal experience.

Why Invest in CISM Training?

CISM qualification has been approved for use by the United States Department of Defense. In addition, ISACA standards are designed to complement a number of broader corporate governance models; professionals who combine these credentials with business skills certifications, like PMP, may find it easier to manage far-reaching projects successfully.

Good security practices aren’t just about dealing with breaches and losses when they occur; the top industry standards also let companies implement continuous, adaptable governance.

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