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4 Benefits of Completing CISA Training

Employees Completed TrainingIf you work in the field of information systems and you are ready to tackle a new position in auditing or simply secure a promotion with your current company, you might be interested in becoming certified. The right training program can help you to brush up on IT security measures and auditing protocol, but it can also help you to become a more appealing candidate for hiring managers. Uncover four of the most popular reasons to complete CISA training.

1. Increased Earning Potential

Being a Certified Information Systems Auditor, or CISA, means that you can command higher overall salaries in the IT world. Of course, money is not the only motivator for students in these courses, but there is no denying that impressive salaries are certainly a convincing reason to take part. Having CISA training and certification shows that you are someone who is a valuable asset to any company. That value can translate into higher salaries for CISA graduates.

2. Measurable Experience and Education

The CISA training program ends with an exam, which is offered just three times each year on predetermined dates. Students will have four hours in total to answer 200 different multiple choice questions. While the exam might seem daunting for some potential students, it is important to think about the bigger picture. After passing the exam, you will be able to show, without a doubt, that you are an expert in your field. Even with a college degree, hiring managers can’t know for certain that potential candidates are prepared to tackle actual on-the-job challenges. However, those with CISA training under their belt have a quantifiable experience that can only be a benefit when it is listed on your resume.

3. Better Knowledge of IS Auditing Protocol

It is important not to lose sight of how beneficial it is to participate in CISA training. The course material is divided into five distinct sections called job domain areas. Roughly 30 percent of the program will be focused on the protection of information assets, 23 percent of the program will focus on information systems operations, maintenance and support, 19 percent of the course focuses on information systems acquisitions, development and implementation, 14 percent focuses on IT governance and management and the final 14 percent focuses on the process of auditing information systems. This comprehensive curriculum ensures that when you graduate, you will be prepared to take on the role of auditing, controlling and managing a company’s information systems and assets.

4. Greater Chance of Career Hires and Promotion

Becoming a Certified Information Security Manager is one of the best ways to help propel your career forward. If you are currently working in information systems but you want to be considered for a promotion within the company, CISA training is the perfect way to showcase your drive and your ambition. If you are trying to break into the field after being employed in a related IT field, then CISA training programs can be a fantastic way for you to brush up on information systems management, auditing and security so that you’re ready for future employment.

CISA training is just one of the IT security courses offered through Ashford Global that can transform your knowledge and help boost your career.

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