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Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is the premier Project Management qualification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMP Certification is recognized internationally as the gold standard of Project Management accreditations, recognizing its holder as both experienced and highly knowledgeable of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and Project Management in general.


This certification is sought after by both Fortune 500 companies and governments across the world because of the level of professionalism and knowledge promised by this certification. Project Management is a relatively new discipline but is one that’s experiencing excellent growth in terms of both numbers as well as salaries.

To apply for the PMP Certificate, a candidate must meet one of the two following requirements:

  • Option One:  Candidates with a four year bachelor degree must have at least 4500 hours of leading and directing projects along with an additional 35 hours of Project Management training from an accredited provider.
  • Option Two:  Candidates with a high school diploma or an equivalent must have at least 7500 hours of leading and directing projects coupled with 35 hours or Project Management education from an accredited provider.

After meeting one of the two required paths above, the candidate must also sit for the rigorous PMP Certification exam. This exam tests the candidates’ knowledge of Project Management best practices as well as the PMBOK. Candidates looking to meet all of these requirements should also be ready and willing to spend $405 (for PMI members) or $555 (for non-PMI members) to sit for the exam itself in addition to the costs of training and classroom work necessary to prepare for the exam.

After earning the PMP Certificate, candidates will find themselves in great demand. PMI’s 2012 Pulse of the Profession which surveyed more than 1000 Project Management professionals found that nearly two thirds of organizations reported having a Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO is the central nerve system of an organization’s projects, creating standards and templates to be used enterprise wide.

According to recent PMI salary surveys, the average annual salary for Project Managers who have five to ten years of experience and hold the PMP Certificate is $108,000. Project Managers who have five to ten years of experience but do not hold the PMP Certificate reported earnings of around $97,000, leaving a $11,000 difference between professionals with the certification and professionals without the certification. The PMP Certification not only helps candidates get into the door with prospective employers but also helps them earn higher salaries.

The PMP Certification can provide many benefits for up and coming professionals, including opening new job opportunities, increasing their knowledge of industry best practices, and enhancing their earning power. This is why the PMP has become a must have credential for any Project Manager.

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