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How Project Management Training Streamlines Processes

Project Management TrainingWhen a promising project starts going wrong, it can be pretty difficult to recover unless you’re willing to adopt unconventional methods. One of the most effective-yet-underutilized means of saving projects from failure is project management training.

True, it’s ideal to implement effective project management before you even get started on a new job, but that’s not always possible. In lieu of advanced planning, however, project management training is the best way to improve your ability to overcome issues and keep things on track.

Quantifying Problems

Why not simply train workers how to handle specific technical problems and issues? The problem with such direct strategies is that their efficacy is finite; you never know where the next problem will arise.

Although it’s certainly wise to have standardized operating procedures and error handling methodologies in place, you’ll still need to make decisions about how to deal with problems as you go. This requires trained managers.

Project managers must learn to define outstanding issues as they arise so that they can be referred to the appropriate teams. Whether you’re dealing with a simple customer support ticket or a major change request, you’ll usually have to delegate the actual problem solving work to someone else, and your choice of problem solver greatly impacts the efficacy of the solution.

Ultimately, your management strategies and skills are intrinsically tied to how well you can help your firm surpass the challenges it’s sure to face.

Project Management Certifications Integrate with Other IT Frameworks

ITSM frameworks like ITIL® make allowances for project management, but they leave the specific execution up to the people in charge. As such, firms still require employees who take the steps required to become project management professionals and learn how to handle projects.

Certifications like Project Management Professional (PMP®) are designed to be highly integrable with other qualifications. Remember that many of the frameworks you probably use, like ITIL, are designed to give you leeway when it comes to implementation.

In order to utilize these principles effectively in real-world situations, you should ensure your staff possess the skills needed to apply them. Just as ITIL, CISSP, CEH and other certifications all bear their own unique value for individual tech employees, it pays to impart your managers with skills relevant to their tasks.

Implementing Effective Project Management

The major takeaway from all this is that project management can save you a ton of work and improve the way you implement other methodologies. For instance, you might not even have to make major modifications to an IT service you’ve already released if your project manager is skilled enough to recognize how to plan and adapt risk responses on the fly.

In addition, your ability to tackle future projects will be greatly expanded when you can count on managers to plan comprehensive lifecycles and direct your IT staff towards the completion of specific goals.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) consultants know how to deliver project management training that meets your corporate goals. Whether you’re in the midst of something big or just getting ready to jump in, they can help your managers become better at their jobs so that your output becomes more lucrative. Contact them today to learn more.


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