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Understanding the Benefits of Microsoft® Office Excel Certification

Microsoft Excel Certification TrainingMost everyone in the business world knows what Microsoft® Excel is and what it’s used for, but a surprising number of modern professionals lack understanding of the Microsoft Office Excel Certification. These individuals may be missing out if they let their knowledge deficits dictate whether or not they end up pursuing the credential.

In reality, taking this exam is a great way to fill out a resume with official evidence of your skills and you may just learn something about one of your most commonly used business tools in the process. Microsoft Excel training could also be your first step towards earning other certifications.

What Does the Excel Certification Cover?

According to Microsoft, the firm’s software credentialing programs are built around standardized tests. Unlike many certifications that employ similar qualification regimens, however, the focus here is on practical skills instead of just theory.

While the Excel test specification only discusses a few broad topics, these can all be further divided into subdomains. For instance, instead of simply being asked how to create a table, you may also be asked how to import data before filtering and sorting the information. Or you could just be asked how you’d perform the sort and filter operations on a pre-existing data set.

Studying for Excel Exams

As the previous hypothetical examples demonstrate, many Excel operations are closely related. This means that traditional study methods, where you learn each subject individually and rely on your knowledge strengths to overcome your weaknesses, may not work.

When different test subjects tie into one another like they do with Excel certification, you need to understand them all as thoroughly as possible. Suppose you have a weakness in one area, such as not being conversant with how to configure headers.

This deficiency could cost you points on a seemingly unrelated question that bridges the gap between two subjects, like a scenario that asks you to import data and use it to generate sheet headers.

Completing a comprehensive course of training takes more than simply practicing on dummy spreadsheets during your spare time. You have to structure your Excel education so that it prepares you for the way test questions are administered and presented.

If you really want to strengthen your job prospects with Microsoft Office training, you’ll take the time to obtain test-ready skills, but you’ll also pursue the understanding you need to actually apply them.

Enhancing Your Career Options with Excel Training

Earning your certification could familiarize you with a slew of Excel techniques you weren’t familiar with before. For instance, you may learn new ways to write your spreadsheet formulas so that they provide more consistently formatted results, or you could pick up some tips and tricks on embedding functions into your sheets so that you can create more understandable data.

While you might eventually stumble onto such techniques on your own, the formal introduction you receive from official training could help you implement them more effectively.

Firms prefer Excel-qualified employees because these individuals help bring much-needed clarity to vital organizational data. Enroll at Ashford Global IT for expert training to boost your skills, and improve your credentials to match.


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