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Try Excel Training to Boost Employee Productivity

Training on ComputerIf you were to walk into just about any office environment around the world, there is a good chance that Excel would be on at least one of the work computers. The ubiquitous software from Microsoft is used widely in all industries, and it is rare that you’ll come across an employee who doesn’t include Excel familiarity on their resume.

However, knowing what Excel is and knowing how to harness its full potential are very different.

Knowing the ins and outs of Excel can make a huge difference in how quickly tasks are completed and how detailed reports, spreadsheets and presentations can be.

Discover some of the key ways that Excel Training can boost employee performance and productivity.

Excel Training Can Speed up Daily Tasks

Perhaps the biggest reason that companies of any size should enroll employees in Excel Training programs is because participants may be able to complete their daily tasks at a faster speed after course completion.

Excel is a comprehensive program, and part of its appeal is that it can be used by individuals with varying levels of knowledge. However, entering data by hand rather than exporting it from a separate document, or searching for things one at a time rather than as a group, can add precious time to each project.

Knowing the formulas and techniques possible in Excel helps employees speed through their daily tasks, freeing up time for additional work and saving their employers money.

Analyze Reports Through Interactive Functions

Analyzing a report can be a challenge, particularly if there are dozens of pages and thousands of unique fields to weed through. Interactive functions allows users to quickly get to the information within the spreadsheet or report that they need most, even if they haven’t created it personally.

The interactive nature of Excel, and the ability of more than one person to view or edit a document, is a major plus if you know how to harness the potential.

Adding Visual Elements to Presentations or Reports

Using Excel at the basic level can result in informative spreadsheets and data, which can in turn be used in reports and presentations. However, making those things visually appealing and engaging requires more than just rows and columns of values.

Excel Training can show participants how to create visual elements like graphs, pie charts and more that boost the appeal of an otherwise ordinary company presentation or profit report.

Learn to Troubleshoot to Help Others

Another definite advantage of having employees participate in an Excel Training program is that they will learn how to troubleshoot the program. If they encounter problems themselves, they will be equipped to deal with it independently rather than relying on additional IT staff.

In addition, participants can help others in the office to deal with Excel confusion, spreading their knowledge throughout the company.

Excel Training from Ashford Global can be the key businesses need to improve staff productivity and boost performance.

The Excel Level 1 course is a great introduction to the software, the Excel Level 2 goes into more advanced methods and Excel Level 3 turns proficient users into experts.

Contact us today and let’s schedule your training.


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