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Take Diagramming to a New Level: Use Microsoft Visio

Give your diagrams a vibrant and professional look; use Microsoft Visio! Microsoft Visio is the new power tool that can simplify complex drawings and share them in real-time. It contains data-driven visualization tools and templates, dynamic process management features, and advanced sharing capabilities through the Web.

Whether you are a business person or an engineer, Microsoft Visio can be a very handy tool for you. You can create graphics such as organizational charts and workflows, export them, and share them on the Web in real-time. Diagrams such as electrical circuits, piping layouts, industrial controls, maps, and floor plans can also be designed through Microsoft Visio.

The steps involved in diagramming are simple and all the features have been logically grouped. An enhanced Shape Window and a new start bar help you move efficiently between your diagrams. Features such as Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar, enhanced dynamic grid, automatic layout adjustment, and Page Auto Size make adding and aligning shapes hassle-free. With the help of the Automatic Refresh feature, you can update your diagrams easily.

Using modern shapes and visuals, a diverse gallery of themes, and Live Preview, Microsoft Visio can make your diagrams appear more attractive in seconds. You can define the parameters using a wide range of graphics such as colors, icons, symbols, and data bars. Sub-processes and containers to shapes give clarity to your diagrams and make the information more organized and understandable. You can also ensure consistency and accuracy with diagram validation. Microsoft Visio will ensure that your diagrams turn out beyond your expectations. All with just a few clicks!

Microsoft Visio also allows you to merge data from multiple sources such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and SharePoint Foundation into one diagram. A few clicks and you can publish your data-linked diagram on the Web for anyone to view. Connect your diagram to one or more of the data sources and publish it to SharePoint Server. Other people who are viewing your diagram can follow hyperlinks, zoom in on the diagram, and refresh the data. And that is not all! With Microsoft Visio, you can visually create persuasive dashboards that contain interactive Visio diagrams and other application services. Using SharePoint Process Repository and Visio, you will be able to store, share, and reuse your diagrams any way you want to.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) offers training courses in Microsoft Visio at two levels. Microsoft Visio: Level 1 provides you with the basic knowledge to help you get started. Creating route maps and enhancing a diagram are a few things that you will learn. Microsoft Visio: Level 2 is a slightly more advanced level; in this level, you will learn how to customize elements and templates, represent external data as a drawing, and share your work with others.

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