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Stop Wasting Your Time and Organize Your Life with Outlook

If you’re a business professional, you are familiar with the ‘Time is Money’ cliché. Any minutes you waste will cost you money in profits.  Even if you work in other fields, time management will provide you with more time to do other things you, such as participate in extracurricular activities or spend time with family. One of the tools which can help you manage your time is Microsoft Outlook.

This may sound strange to you if you haven’t been properly introduced to the full potential of Microsoft Outlook. True, Microsoft Outlook helps you manage your e-mails. However, Microsoft created this software to be a personal information manager, which means that it will record, manage, and assist you with managing personal information such as your contacts list, special calendar dates, tasks, and alerts.

To understand how Microsoft Outlook can organize your life, take a look at the following components integrated into the software:


The Calendar component of Microsoft Outlook offers the same function as a regular calendar; that is, it will display important events and appointments. Furthermore, you can plan out your schedule for the entire day. In addition, you can set notification alerts, thus allowing Microsoft Outlook to prompt you of certain events beforehand. You will never miss any appointments with Microsoft Outlook organizing your schedule and calendar.

Task List

Using the Microsoft Outlook Task List, you will be able to stay on top of your work. As you input a task into Microsoft Outlook, you will be able to assign the task, enter a due date, prioritize, set up reminders, and track the status of the task, among other details. Viewing these tasks is just as easy because Microsoft Outlook allows you to look at your tasks through different view options such as the Active Tasks view, Overdue Tasks view, and By Person Responsible view.

E-mail Center

Through Microsoft Outlook, you can send and receive e-mails in a secure way. The software is designed to manage large amounts of e-mail easily; thus, you can categorize, compress, and organize numerous e-mails with a few clicks. Microsoft Outlook also allows you to access all of your e-mail accounts, calendars, and contacts through the software’s interface. Thus, you won’t have to spend your time signing in and out of different accounts. Plus, once you’ve turned on the notifications feature, you will be prompted every time you get an e-mail.

These are only three of the features that can help you organize your life. So, if you want to learn how to use this software, make Ashford Global IT (AGIT) your destination. This institute offers you the choice between learning the 2003 version or the 2007 version of Microsoft Outlook. Each version has three levels of courses.

Microsoft Outlook: Level 1 will teach you how to create and send e-mails, schedule meetings, manage contacts, and prepare notes and tasks. For intermediate users of Microsoft Outlook, AGIT’s Level 2 course will cover how to customize Microsoft Outlook’s components as well as how to track, share, and assign Outlook items. Finally, expert Microsoft Outlook users will learn how to personalize e-mails, organize Outlook items, create custom forms, work offline, and much more in Level 3.

So, don’t waste more of your time, and invest in AGIT’s one-day courses to easily organize your life.


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