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Microsoft® Training Increases Employee Productivity

Training ProgramsOver the last several years, structured employee training has been replaced with on-the-job training, which isn’t as efficient or productive as professionally-taught training courses. A certified Microsoft® training course can teach employees the essential skills they need to be more productive in the office. This type of training helps reduce employee mistakes and increases company productivity and profitability.

Benefits of Structured Training Programs

Workplace productivity starts with adequate knowledge of Microsoft Office. Countless man-hours are wasted when employees have to stop their current task to find a function or learn a new computer program or software feature. Microsoft training is proven to give employees the resources they need to efficiently use Microsoft Office products.

Structured Microsoft training reduces employee mistakes and the need for redoing tasks. It also ensures that every employee has the skills to perform his or her job to the company’s standards. Comprehensive training also results in employee brainstorming sessions that can improve entire office and department procedures for increased company efficiency and profitability.

Training courses are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced users on Access, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. Courses can be structured based on the needs of the business and its employees.

Learning Options Abound

Microsoft training is offered via classroom settings, online, on-site and self-paced. Classroom-based courses require employees to leave the company property and drive to the assigned classroom. Online and self-paced courses allow employees to perform the work wherever they have a computer and Internet connection. On-site training is performed on the company property.

Many corporations opt for on-site training because the courses are performed on the company property, which allows for a more structured environment and direct oversight by company executives. It also allows companies to coordinate training sessions with the work day.

Training Customization

Training courses can be individually designed for specific companies. The process starts with a comprehensive evaluation of company and employee needs. From there, courses and course times are set in accordance with employee availability and company goals.

Microsoft training provides employees with the skills they need to perform all their job duties. It provides lifelong career skills that will remain with the employee through all of their raises and promotions, and it sets the stage for the employee to take on increasing job duties in the future.


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