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Microsoft Excel Training for the Corporate Environment

Computer TrainingMicrosoft Excel is one of the world’s most popular computer programs around the world, and it is used by millions of individuals as well as businesses who want to track data, organize information and analyze trends or expenses for their corporation. Unfortunately, many employees who use Microsoft Excel are not familiar with some of the more advanced functions, limiting the use of the program.

Make the most of Microsoft Excel software, and encourage a boost in efficiency within any workspace, by providing employees with access to Microsoft Excel training programs. Discover more about each of the three unique courses, and determine which is best for your employees.

Excel Level One: An Introduction

The most basic of the Microsoft Excel programs is this course, which is designed for entry-level employees, new staff or those who have minimal or no experience using the software. The single day program has no prerequisites, meaning that anyone is eligible to dive in and complete the course. The primary objective of this program is to help students understand how to create basic Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and workbooks.

In addition, the program will focus on how to add new information to existing spreadsheets or made edits to update or correct old information. In almost every business, having these basic skills is a necessity. Offering the program to employees guarantees that everyone is operating on a minimum of an introductory level, ensuring that information can be freely categorized and passed on from one department to the next with ease.

Excel Level Two: Going Beyond the Basics

If staff already have a cursory knowledge of Microsoft Excel, but you don’t believe the software is being used to its full potential, then the mid-level training program is the perfect fit. Many corporations also enroll employees into this level two program who use Microsoft Excel regularly and wish to turn interdepartmental spreadsheets into something presentable enough to show to clients, suppliers or investors.

In an Excel Level Two training program, participants will spend a full day exploring the more advanced functions that add detail, comprehension and graphic appeal to both workbooks and spreadsheets. This is achieved by explaining functions like organizing table data by customized subjects, turning a list of organized data into a chart or graph and adding decorative or visual elements to data in order to turn basic spreadsheets into attractive presentations.

Excel Level Three: Advanced Operations

Students who complete the level two program and who are ready to tackle the most complex functions available in Microsoft Excel may benefit most from the level three program. Not suitable for beginners, this training course focuses on how to share data from Excel spreadsheets with other applications and software programs, how to introduce complicated analyses to large data sets and even how to troubleshoot any issues that beginner users within the company are having.

Many corporations opt to have a handful of staff complete this more advanced program, and those employees can then help others to explore new functions or deal with user complications that crop up in the future.

If your company relies on Microsoft Excel, it may not be taking full advantage of all that the software can do. Training programs from Ashford Global can unlock the potential of the software as well as your employees. Contact us today to get  more information.


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