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Enhance Your Word Documents with Charts and Diagrams

Diagrams and charts are graphical objects which can express your message much better than words. By adding these illustrations, you will be able to save yourself from the hassle of writing long and complex paragraphs. Plus, readers of your documents will be able to get the essence of the information you are presenting in just a few minutes. However, you don’t need to worry about spending hours creating charts and diagrams because you can get these with just a few clicks.


To create charts, Microsoft Excel is the tool for you. All you need to do is enter data into an Excel sheet and then start a wizard that will guide you on creating a wide range of charts including Column charts, Bar charts, Line charts, Pie charts and Radar charts, among others. As for diagrams, you will need Microsoft Visio. With the software’s easy-to-use interface, you can build a professional-looking diagram using a simple template. So, whether you need a Basic Flowchart or a complex Fault Tree Analysis Diagram, Visio can deliver.

As great as all this sounds, the best benefit has not yet been revealed: you can easily add these professional-looking diagrams and charts into your Word Documents in just a few clicks.

However, to be able to create these charts and diagrams, you need to know how to operate Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Visio. Whether you have little or no knowledge on how to use these programs, Ashford Global IT (AGIT) can help you. The institute offers multi-level Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Visio courses. Thus, beginners will learn how to operate the software, while advanced users will learn a few new tricks that can help them tap into the potential of the programs.

For those interested in learning Microsoft Visio, AGIT offers two courses, one for beginners and a second for more experienced users. In Microsoft Visio: Level 1, you will learn how to design and manipulate basic diagrams. In Microsoft Visio: Level 2, you will be introduced to more advanced techniques such as creating custom elements and templates.

As for Microsoft Excel courses, AGIT provides you with the choice between selecting the Microsoft Excel 2000 course, the Microsoft Excel 2003 multi-level courses, or the Microsoft Excel 2007 multi-level courses. Each of these one-day courses will teach different aspects of the software, such as how to manage worksheets, how to create functions, and, of course, how to create charts.

Each of the aforementioned courses is delivered in a classroom setting by an experienced instructor. The class will be group-paced and filled with numerous activities that will teach you how to use Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Excel to serve your purposes. Thus, by the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to create the professional charts and diagrams you desire.

So, come to Ashford Global IT, and start your training today.

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