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5 Key Subjects Covered in Microsoft Office Training

Computer TrainingAccording to Microsoft, a staggering one in seven people on the planet use Microsoft Office, which means that it is used by over 1.2 billion people. Rather than spending valuable time on-the-job learning how to use Microsoft Office most effectively, company employees can benefit from a tailored training program.

These five key subjects can be the main subjects covered in Microsoft Office Training.

Microsoft Access

With a course in Microsoft Access, employees will learn how to create and modify databases, a vital component in business thanks to the rise of big data collection. Students enrolled in a Microsoft Access training program will also cover how to customize tables, perform database maintenance, share data with other users and write advanced queries.

Microsoft PowerPoint

For sales, marketing or even delivering clear presentations to fellow employees for a new project, Microsoft PowerPoint is an invaluable tool. It can improve the effectiveness of a presentation, capture the imagination of potential clients and provide a seamless way to blend graphics, statistics and text.

If your employees aren’t taking advantage of Microsoft PowerPoint, then a training course can be incredibly effective. Students in a Microsoft PowerPoint training program might learn how to create slides, how to add graphics and charts and how to use the most dynamic settings and functions to create showstopping presentations.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Word 2010 has become the standard for business communication. Whether to send contracts to potential employees or email specifications to supplies, Word documents are commonly used and accepted.

A Microsoft Word training program can help your employees to create and edit standard business documents with ease from their computers. Advanced programs focus on creating more complex documents through the use of reference marks, notes, collaborations and sharing tools.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that has enormous benefits for businesses. Since 1993, it has become the industry standard for spreadsheets, which means that employees in any business should feel comfortable reading and editing through this program.

If staff are not yet proficient in Microsoft Excel, then a training program in this area of Microsoft Office is recommended.

A training program in Microsoft Excel can cover subjects like editing spreadsheets, analyzing and summarizing the data found in spreadsheets and workbooks, organizing table data, troubleshooting any problems that might crop up and creating charts for a more visually appealing spreadsheet.

Microsoft Outlook

More than 144 billion emails are sent every day, and a large portion of them come in and out of Microsoft Outlook. As one of the most efficient and secure email platforms, Microsoft Outlook is considered to be the ideal choice for business communication.

Employees who are not as familiar with Microsoft Outlook can greatly benefit from a training program, which can help increase workplace efficiency and put forth a professional appearance to anyone who communicates with the company. A Microsoft Outlook training program can cover composing and sending emails, organizing contacts, using the Outlook calendar, archiving items and working offline.

Microsoft Office training can give employees the tools and resources they need to succeed. For better presentations, more professional communication and better data management, various Microsoft Office training programs and courses are ideal.

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